Friday, August 3, 2018

Zany Postcards

I went on a vacation of sorts last week and learned a lot about Zanesville, Ohio. The town was founded in 1797 and named for Ebenezer Zane who was the great grandfather of the fiction writer Zane Grey.

Zane grew up in Zanesville, dreaming about the wild west and getting into numerous fights as a boy, quite possibly because his first name was actually Pearl. As in Pearl Grey. His middle name was Zane. As in Pearl Zane Grey.  I admit the name has a nice ring to it, but what were they thinking?

Zanesville was once a thriving town, perhaps best known for American pottery. Amelia Earhart called it the most recognizable city in America because of the remarkable "Y" shaped bridge which spans both the Muskingum and the Licking Rivers. (Unfortunately you have to be up in a small plane with Amelia to get that perspective.)  Back on the ground, the Y bridge leads from downtown proper to "Vasehenge" where one can contemplate those bygone days.

One of the best pit stops in Zanesville is Weasel Boy, a local brewpub come living room kind of a bar with an outdoor patio overlooking the mighty Muskingum. Coal Fired Bicycle, a cool little band from Columbus, was playing on the stage right next to the brewing equipment.

Back in Washington this month our town is emptying out a bit as Congress takes a recess and leaves us locals to our own devices. Here is DC ROCKS' belated and changeable concert schedule for AUGUST:


(Is Anybody out there?)


Parthenon Huxley @ Jammin Java

Catfish Hodge @ JV

The NRIs @ Fort Reno


Valentine Slim @ Takoma VFW

Goin Goin Gone @ Villain and Saint


Thrillbillys@ JV


NRIs @ Jammin Java ( early)


Thrillbillys @ JV


Ruthie and the Wranglers @ JV 4pm


David Kitchen Band @ Takoma VFW


Dave Chappell @ JV


Split Seconds @ The Pinch

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