Monday, June 29, 2009

The View From Artomatic

I went to Artomatic twice this weekend- once to see what was going on, and once to see if my wallet had been found, but I could still go back and see more. This is a massive event and a truly herculean effort put on by an army of volunteers to make local artists accessible. And it's a chance to see views of this city that will soon belong only to those who live or work there. This year Artomatic is in a brand new yet to be completed nine story building, and the landscape is changing faster than a shoreline. (if the crater on the next block is any indication) Used to be that the DMV inspection station was the hot spot to go, but now it's the ball park, of course, and redevelopment is coming on like a freight train.

Artomatic runs this week from July 1- July 5 so there's still time to get down there and see as much as you can take in-inside and out. I like the way you can wander around with a drink in your hand, and no one will yell at you. And if you have Art overload, you can always take a break and listen to music or just sit on a couch and pretend you have a condo overlooking the Anacostia. (There's also an "interactive" couch covered with bubble wrap.) And don't miss the Peeps exhibit which includes a rendering of sorts of the Hudson River plane crash)

And yes, I got my wallet back. No one made off with the credit cards, the tiny calendar from Ben's Chili Bowl or even the $8 cash. Thank you to my unknown heroes one and all. And thanks to all of you who make Artomatic happen. Please support this scene. It's us.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sign of the Times

When I think of Michael Jackson I think of early 1983. It's after work happy hour in the back bar at the 9:30 Club - old club that is. Music video is still pretty new, and it's a highlight of hanging out back there. Dan says, "Don't try to talk to Lynn while she's riveted to "Billie Jean." It was on constant rotation, and we went at least once a week, so he said it a lot. Thriller had little to do with the music we were into back then, but it still defines the age to me somehow.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cool Off Your Soul at The Surf Club

Don't miss
King Soul back at The Surf Club this Saturday night. This 8 piece band fronted by the unstoppable Tom Clifford is full of DC veteran musicians including Jake Flack, Chris Watling and Mark Noone. Mark, who knows every other body in town, (if not everybody) had this to say about the opening band- Road Dog:

"Mike Colburn is probably the most underrated, under sung musician in the DC area. He was in Razz, Jr Cline and the Recliners, Nightman and a slew of bands. He is rarely at rest musically, a great player, great singer. This will be the debut of his new band Road Dog which also includes a talented bunch of DC rock n roll heroes.

BBQ + Music = A Good Time

Look out for a truckload of local bands at the Battle of BBQ event downtown Saturday pretty much all day.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Artoversary Artomatic!

According to my big fat Greek dictionary- "automatic" originates from the Greek word automatos which means self- moving. Synonyms include "involuntary" and "spontaneous."
Mix this concept with all kinds of artists gathered in a formerly empty space in Washington DC, and you have Artomatic -a happening event which this year includes 9 floors, 4 stages and 4 bars, performances, exhibits and classes going on for approximately a month ending July 5th. And free admission to boot.

Add to this one Pup Tent and you have a "pop-not pop" phenomenon 9 p.m. this Friday- just one of a gazillion things going on here in our little government town.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer in DC

Something's happening in the woods of Palisades thanks to James M.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Get the Blanket

fort reno dc
Originally uploaded by lyndalu/fiona

Fort Reno never saw much action during the Civil War, but the local rock scene made its mark there many years ago. And the beat goes on with free concerts Mondays and Thursdays starting this week. Right by the Tenley Metro- next to Wilson High School- bring a picnic- bring the dog- it's an age old all ages musical event that makes summer in DC summer.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Go See Live Music (or the Cable Company Wins)

Don't get me started. My eight year hooked up our digital converter box thingy on my dying TeeVee. I have to say I am proud of him- especially when he took one look at the instructions and dismissed then as "confusing." The only problem is that wind, rain, the flight path of National Airport or even the cat walking by - anything and everything seems to disturb our new and "improved" signal. Good thing my Tee Vee habit dropped off sometime around the time that Johnny Carson retired. And good thing there's more to do in Washington than sit at home fiddling with rabbit ears.

This weekend is jammed with music starting early with that crazy New Orleans zydeco thing that Little Red and The Renegades have going Thursday evening at Surf Club Live. And extending the New Orleans theme The Grandsons will have local sax player- now New Orleans transplant- Derek Huston sitting in twice on Sunday-once at the Alexandria Waterfront Festival (at 1) or later on at JVs in Falls Church at 5! Derek, always a busy guy, will also be hitting the stage Saturday evening when he plays with his friends The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours - a free concert put on by the City of Gaithersburg at 7 p.m.

But wait there's more! My raving favorite Greenland is at The Black Cat on Friday. And my ole pal, Alan Kresse recommends his pal, Cal Everett's band Four Out of Five Doctors- once a local favorite in the eighties-they're back and taking over Jammin' Java both Friday and Saturday nights.
(pic by Alan Kresse)

Not enough? See the sidebar at this site, and you'll see there's no excuse not to get out and about and see LOCAL music. Support it for less than basic cable! And DC ROCKS only covers a FRACTION of what's out there. Go find it. Maybe now more than ever it's time to follow John Prine's advice.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Get On the Bus by Lyn2

Pack up your dancing shoes, your surf board and your grass skirt, and get on the bus to the Surf Club this Friday night. You'll be treated to three local favorites- the Tail Draggers, Monsters from the Surf and The Hula Monsters. This would be a fun line-up on its own, but I heard that the famous Bohemian Party Vessel might be there again. You've got to see this, (and you will not be able to avoid it if it's in the parking lot.)

Do I have to say one more time that Surf Club Live needs you and you need it?
There is nothing like it:

1) if you agree- then keep on going
2) if you haven't checked it out yet, you will be glad you did.

See previous posts!

Show up and early and save on your bar tab-Natty Bos going for $2 from 8-9.
Aloha and see you there-Lyn2

Friday, June 5, 2009

Who Knows Who Reads DC ROCKS?

We don't. We slog on in our isolation putting up random thoughts and recommendations here in the seat of the nation's capital not ever knowing who is reading except for the stray comment or an occasional request, but there are a bunch of them for June.

So to answer the question is anybody out there- here they are:

Megan Hemler of NBC4 would like the DC ROCKS readers to know that the Duke Ellington Jazz Festival kicks off today and runs through June 15th with all kinds of events and concerts.

And Tom Carrico would like you to know about the soccer Chopteeth fundraiser event at the 9:30 Club on June 20th.

The word from Glenn Kowalski is that Artomatic is alive and kicking again, and his band 7 Door Sedan (a DC Rocks favorite) is slated to play Saturday at 6:30 p.m on the Electric Stage.

And Termeh Mazhari is involved with promoting a yellow ribbon fundraiser at the DC Hard Rock Cafe on June 18th featuring Kim Cameron and the Side FX band.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Are You Gonna Be There?

If you want to see friends old and new, some of the DC Area's most immense talent and shake off the work-a-day blues, this Friday's First Annual Love-In at the Surf Club is made for you.

What you will get: DJ Bill Hanke AND Ottley! AND Puptent AND Beatnik Flies!!

What you have to give: just some boogie and perhaps a little bit of love.

Do your part and show up!


Monday, June 1, 2009

and sometimes the livin' is easy especially when you are looking for free music around these parts. Arlington County has a bunch of stuff going on starting with a dance party over in Rosslyn- 1611 Kent Street (second floor outdoor plaza) this Wednesday featuring one of DC's longest lived and much loved bands - THE NIGHTHAWKS.
Starts at 5:30.