Thursday, April 30, 2009

Redefining Golden Years by Lyn2

That's what came to mind when I first saw Rustbuckit, who grace the stage this Saturday night at the Velvet Lounge. Rustbuckit includes Boyd Farrell and Mike Dolfi, formerly of Black Market Baby. While you might recognize some tunes from the DC history anthology, there's nothing stale here. As for Sister Ex and Puptent, if you've been saying you can't go to Maryland to see these folks get on the Green Line for this one. Both of these bands are pulling from a myriad of influences and trying out brilliant new songs to create unique sounds you aren't going to hear anywhere else. At the eastern edge of the U Street scene, the Velvet Lounge is an intimate venue where you can enjoy what the neighborhood has to offer, but not be right in the middle of the weekend deluge.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good luck
Caustic Casanova- another original D.C. band coming out of the woodwork- keeping Washington real. They'll be at the Red and The Black on H Street this Thursday. Please support local music.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Global Warming Hits DC?

No. It's just the summer music scene starting to heat up. Keep an eye on DC ROCKS as FREE concert events pop up all spring and summer long, and the season is already well underway. The Grandsons played a free concert in McLean last Saturday and will be playing at the Arlington Farmer's Market in May. And the RTTS played Sunday morning on Baltimore's waterfront. (All three band members pictured here were actually asleep, yet they pulled off a great live show.)

And that 90 degree weather we're currently having? It's just our town being its usual unpredictable self. So D.C.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Rock Surf Roller Derby Mayhem

It's a one of a kind event in Baltimore's Hampden neighborhood Saturday night. Reverb Galaxy, Sister Ex and Puptent lay down the talent and you get in free if you have a Charm City Roller Girls ticket stub. With roller derby growing in popularity, you've got to pick your team and those badass women from just to the north are my pick. I dare you to find a surf/space band with uniforms and cool names that is better than Reverb Galaxy; check them out and buy their CD. Sister Ex have a full weekend and will be rocking in full gear after their Friday night Surf Club gig. As for Puptent, any Baltimore folks reading this catch the pop-not-pop gang in a rare appearance up the highway.

Frazier's on the Avenue
919 W. 26th Street
Baltimore MD


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Put On Your Red Dress Darling by Lyn2

I had a friend who said Friday night was the best night to go out. It had something to do with putting on your red dress darling and going honky tonkin'... you can rest up on Saturday night. That must come from a song. You can do just that at Surf Club Live this Friday, because this place really feels like an old roadhouse honky tonk. There is nothing like it, and it needs your support. There will be music, and it's not old-school at all. Sister Ex plays smart songs loud and fast. 7 Door Sedan plays psychedelic glam jams that rearrange your brain. I don't know The Blue Line, but Lyn1 says if you listen to their song "Fantasy Girl"- Slickee Boys will come to mind... so that is the word.

If you need more convincing, the Surf Club has all you need on a Friday night. If you want to sit at a table, you can. Or you can stand around, sit at the bar or play pool. If you want to dance, which you probably will, there is a great big dance floor. Eat some food and have a drink. Stand outside, monitor the parking lot and feel like you're in a movie about Patsy Cline and a roadhouse.

If you know Charles Steck, you can see him playing bass with 7 Door Sedan since Josh Singer has to be out of town with family. (We will be on good behavior Josh so you all are invited back.)

I can't think of any reason not to see you there.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday J. Z.

A birthday party is happening for John Zidar of GHz this Thursday night at Bangkok Blues, and John will be doing one of his favorite things- banging on the drums. Fortunately he does this quite well especially when re-enacting some of Ginger Baker's finer moments playing with Clapton back in the day. Add on bionic bassist Scott Giambusso and the ever dazzling Dan Hovey on guitar, and you've got a great band for a party. And to top it all off -there will probably be cake if you need that over the top excuse to get out.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Don't miss this chance to impress your co-workers: do something wild and go out to see a rock show on a TUESDAY night. Legendary guitarist Richard Lloyd (ex Television) and The Sufi- Monkey Trio and the all legends all the time gang called Ottley! (ex Slickees, Hangmen, Grin) will be appearing at the Velvet Lounge.
Early show-doors at 7:30 starts at 9.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Music. It's all over this area, and it's no secret that this web log gravitates towards digging up sterling local talent for very little money. For example, I would pay way over $5 to see the show at Galaxy Hut this Sunday starring two exceptionally efficient bands- where everyone plays an instrument and sings -The Crowd Scene and The Alice Despard Group. " Alice Despard describes the trio that makes up the Crowd Scene as "potent power pop." Grahame Davies of The Crowd Scene shoots back with "soulful genuine and intense" for Alice.

I concur on both.

(Plus I just got out of thinking up my own three words.)

And in line with the economy of it all- the ever steady Evan Pollack plays drums in both bands.

Two very talented bands- $2.50 each.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

You may not have heard of Mystr Treefrog although he has been in and out of bands around here for years including Shock Opera, but Mark Opsasnick, our local guru of DC rock history described his last show at the New Deal Cafe thusly:

"One of the best performances I’ve seen in recent memory – originals and a lot of covers, including a smoking version of CCR’s Born on the Bayou."

Mystr Treefrog will be at Dish Bistro- a new place in Olney this Saturday night. 9:30 p.m. No cover. Nothing to lose.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And the Winner Is... Thursday

Thursday night can either be fraught with boredom or serve as jump start to your weekend. Flip a coin- take a chance. It's actually a great night to get out- there's usually more parking and fewer cops and drunks chasing each other around. And once a year- well this is the second so the first one must have went well- is the Jelly Roll Mortals' FULL BAND KARAOKE ROULETTE night which isn't a gun slinging wireless mike affair so much as when real live musicians get together to see who will train wreck or rescue whatever song is pulled out of a hat. Hit the link to get the details. Hit Bangkok Blues this Thursday evening to watch the madness unfold. Take a chance. Get out and stay out.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

When the Easter Dust Settles...

One of my favorite bands Greenland will be playing this Monday night at DC9 with French Kicks. Enough with the eggs. Check them out. 9 p.m.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Roll Away the Stone

Yes it's a Mott the Hoople song. In the story of the season, it's also a metaphor for re-invention, redemption and resurrection. The 3 R's, which you can achieve a lot of different ways. Music is one of them, so why not come out to Surf Club Live Saturday night for the "Resurrection Before the Resurrection" show. I keep telling you that the Surf Club is not like any other place. Even though it evokes an old-school honky tonk, it's by no means a throwback. The sounds, the crowd and the Salvadoran neighborhood guys playing pool let you know the Surf Club is very much NOW. Same goes for Saturday night's line-up. Tru Fax and the Insaniacs have been around for several decades, but even though I hear they will unearth some songs from the vault, this is not a living-in-the-past band. No one has ever accused Puptent of being a nostalgia trip. This trio's non-pop wall of sound is all about the 3 R's, and Dark Ages is the theme song. Also on the bill are The Electricutions, who I am looking forward to seeing because their Myspace page says they are "punk rock and roll for wobblies" influenced by Phil Ochs et al. Really, you can't miss this night.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The first time I heard about The Insect Surfers my College Park housemates were donning antennae to go see them, but I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard someone identify the band with a description of founder David Arnson's golden halo of hair.

David's D.C. roots go way back to the sixties though he is living in L.A. now and still playing in bands. Some time ago, David wrote about Georgetown, but I saved it for this time of year because I have fond memories of people skipping school and flocking there as a rite of spring beyond the usual cherry blossom thing. Cherry blossoms in Kenwood or downtown was where you went with Mom and Dad, but Georgetown was where you met your friends.
So check out David's walkabout from back in the day at Washington D.C. My Hometown.

Monday, April 6, 2009

King Soul and "Colonel" Josh Arnson put on a great show last Friday night to help celebrate Surf Club's re- reopening. Chip Py caught this rare shot of Tom Clifford and Josh's duet.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Skip Sixty Minutes

And to finish up this weekend with a bang- look at all the folks gathering at Jammin Java Sunday for the equivalent of a DC music old home week punk style rock family reunion extravaganza kicking off with The Beatnik Flies EARLY at 7:30 and rocking on until the last band is hear from. If you don't recognize some of these bands you will recognize a lot of the players from groups like Government Issue, Black Market Baby, Minor Threat and The Slickee Boys. Bring the kids and show 'em how it's done.

This Saturday Night Is No Night To Wash Your Hair

The Quarry House is located in what I would call the historic section of Silver Spring- the part that hasn't been "improved." Burgers. Beer. Bourbon. All in your Basic Basement Bar. Long pews line the walls, tables can be shoved together and chairs rearranged to accommodate a party of one or a party of twelve. Women make friends with the band because more often than not they are ducking a guitar player to get into the bathroom. (A lot of women think this is annoying, but the guys are thrilled. Plus boys have to thread their way out of the room, around the bar to the other side of the building to get to their water closet, and they miss stuff while making the trip.)

The Grandsons, an award winning band that has been roots rocking this area for over twenty years, will be at The Quarry House this Saturday night. This might be a no brainer if it were not for The Nighthawks, a local legend of a long lasting and talented band, are playing the same night at The Surf Club. More blues based than The Grandsons - more room to dance- two great shows to choose from that won't break the bank.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

King Soul Grants Audience to Surf Club

King Soul's a big band. It's so big that chances are you're going to know one of these guy's names from the local music scene, if not from a local high school: Jake Flack-Guitar & Vocals; Tom Clifford-Vocals & Harp; Nick Ruggieri-Drums & Vocals; Mark Noone - Bass & Vocals; Arif Durrani-Keyboards & Vocals; Chris Whatling-Baritone Sax; Tom Ruggieri -Tenor Sax; and Vince McCool-Trumpet. If no one sounds familiar- don't worry- chances are that Tom Clifford will come sit at your table and introduce himself in the middle of a song. That's what makes local music much more fun than those big ticket names. And at a fraction of the price to go to the Verizon or whatever they are calling it nowadays Center.

Opening for King Soul is Colonel Josh Honky Tonk which will bring on that rootsy kind of music in true keeping to Surf Club's road house roots with plenty of room for dancing, playing pool or just hanging at the bar. Show is this Friday night at Surf Club starting at 9.