Thursday, November 15, 2018

Ready or Not

 What gives Mother Nature? Snow before the leaves have fallen?  Here in my rural corner of DC,  I still have a rose or two trying to bloom out there. Well, they were.

For all of you who gladly go with the snow globe theme, the ice rink at the Sculpture Garden opens for the season this weekend. On the other hand, winter weather phobes might want to hide out at Hill Country Barbecue where everyone can pretend they're in Texas. The Highballers and Whiskey Daredevils are on hand to support the fantasy this Saturday.

Finally congratulations are in order. Back in the day when we were all hoping to start a rock n roll band,  Chuck Levins Music Center was there with picks and amps and good advice.  Guitar geeks especially should be aware of Chuck's  60th Anniversary Party with Paul Reed Smith on hand.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Count 'em

Just how many musicians does DC actually have? The answer is too many to count, of course, but now there's a plan is in the works to do just that.  According to city officials and a story on WAMU today,  look for an online census coming in January 2019. Meanwhile, I've been counting local musicians since the early 1970s starting with Fat City, The Seldom Scene and The Blackbirds. But that was just the tip of the iceberg leading to the vibrant scene we have now.

This weekend is ridiculous with gigs- all starring veteran musicians- starting tonight with The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours' early throw down at the Takoma VFW. Free show starts at 7 ends at 10- just right for the working stiff's schedule and pocketbook.  Friday night The Rock-A-Sonics rip up JVs while The Hall Brothers are at the College Park American Legion-another free event and money back guaranteed good time.

Saturday night is when things get really crazy. Pick your poison, people:

Rock n roll?

The Nighthawks at JVs now with Dan Hovey tearing things up on guitar.

Big band ?

Find Eric Felten swinging the very romantic Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo.

Something not in a pigeon hole?

How about the Bold Deceivers at the Takoma VFW? They describe themselves as "Satan's cabana boys take up folk" with an event they're calling " First Annual Hell's Bottom Hootenanny. " Can't argue with that.

For you nostalgic types, take a trip to fantasy land. You can catch The Beatles, The Dead,  Dylan and The Band. All on one night for Pete's sake. ( i.e. The Apple Core at Jammin' JavaOn the Bus AND The Bob Band at Villain and Saint. And last but not least The Last Waltz tribute at The Hamilton, but beware this show usually sells out.)