Thursday, August 25, 2016

Root On

Ugh. School started obscenely early again this year, and despite a meeting about scheduling efficiency, two visits to the school counselor and multiple emails, my son still ended up with a class he didn't want (no surprise) and a class he already took last year. What? No matter who is in charge, it seems our education system slogs on and on with an unusual penchant for imposing unrelenting lassitude. (And I am not referring to teachers here -who more often than not are themselves victims of bureaucracy.)

But perhaps unrelenting boredom was why a boy named Foster Mackenzie the Third was not invited back to more than one prep school here in Washington including Sidwell Friends (which also ejected Mark Noone of Slickee Boy fame). Still he managed to make his way to Yale and then emerged as our salvation from All Things Banal as Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band. One of the rare shows I actually remember during my student years clearly misspent in College Park was seeing that crazy crew at the Back Room. It was like watching pirates sail up Route One.

Although Slim has left us, this Saturday Dick Bangham and his gang of merry minstrels will be amassed for a Root Boy Slim tribute at Bethesda Blues featuring many of the ass kicking musicians who landed in the band including Dan Hovey, Marshall Keys, Ron Holloway and Tommy Lepsom as well as a sneak preview of the film "Boogie Til You Puke"- Dick's current project. Tickets $25 in advance, but beware- $35 on the day of the show(!) Yeesh.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Postcard from the "Other" Washington

DC ROCKS is on the road and found this very cool mural outside a music store in Seattle.  Click on the picture to check it out.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Message from the Action Man

I still don't want to think about David Bowie not being on this planet here with us. When I hear his songs now, I feel a beat of sadness at first, but then the music takes over, and I appreciate him all the more. I don't think I realized how over the top popular Bowie was before he died.  After all, he was always on the edge, never mainstream, but his talent and energy are such that it seems like anyone and everyone can find a song that speaks to them- especially the misfits amongst us which pretty much includes all of humankind.

This Saturday at The Fillmore, "action man" Ron Newmyer has corralled a posse of musicians for a tribute show. Herding this many people together to perform on one night is a feat, but seeing our local talent  cover their favorite Bowie songs can bring a bit of the joy back- at least for one evening. Please break out your inner glam and support the DC scene at this event.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Be True to Your Old School

It seems like a dream that I once stood on top of a two story parking garage next to Shakey's Pizza in Bethesda for the view. I think that same evening a friend and I scratched our initials in the newly paved alley after a pitcher or so. (Back then the drinking age was casual.) Now I can't hardly place where anything was, but a recent article in Bethesda magazine, "When Bethesda Was Cool," stirred up all kinds of memories from the Red Fox Inn to Twist and Shout.

This Saturday- the psychedelic spirits will rise again in the form of The Vi-Kings. (a rocking band named after Walt Whitman High's mascot) at Viallain and Saint near the still unchanged Farm Women's Market.

Make a night of it with a milk shake at Tastee Diner and a cruise up the Pike to catch the last set of  Monsters From the Surf who will be tearing up Hank Dietle's- another fine establishment in the category of hold outs.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Yachtsmen Run Aground

Sorry to report The Yachtsmen will NOT be able to make the show at Galaxy Hut this evening The show will go on with Alexis and the Samurai from New Orleans. Please come support this great little band far from home.