Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Postcard to New Orleans

Dear Nola,

Hang in there, pal.

We'll be thinking of you until the sun comes out,
the power's back on, and all are safe and dry again.

love  from


p.s. Thanks for all those Mardi Gras rock.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sweden Prepares To Rock DC

DC ROCKS freely admits its name was lifted from an anthem Ian Hunter wrote for Cleveland, Ohio,  and, accordingly, this site tries to cover DC people doing DC things. But that doesn't always translate on Google. Often bands ask to be written up because they are playing in DC and not from DC. This tiny office can't handle that much music, but when Swedish band One Inch Giant found this blog and asked if we would post about their gig, an exception had to be made for these three reasons:

1. To promote diplomacy and good will on Earth, not to mention world peace.

2. Might be an educational opportunity to find out what Sweden has to offer besides Volvos, Ikea and meatballs. (oh and massages)

3. This band is coming all the way from Sweden to play a small, very local dive bar with a great roof top.  The least we can do is be there to welcome them.

One Inch Giant will be at DC9 with local band Auroboros  this Thursday.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lights Camera Music!

I  remember back in high school, before music videos were de rigueur, I was driven to make a slide show to go along with a song I wanted to play for the school variety show. It took me over a week to take the pictures and get the film processed. Then I had to borrow a projector. Nowadays though, I take movies with my phone,  feed them to a computer, and can have my own channel in cyberspace within an hour.  Times may have changed, but the urge to pair music and film lives on.

Got a phone? (Okay, a camera)
Have a band?

If either one of these arts is up your alley, then you might want to enter the 48 Hour Video Contest- the newest thing from the folks who brought you the 48 Hour Film Contest.  This project brings film makers and bands together, and gives them a chance to get great exposure and have an amazing experience. Winners will show their films at the AFI Silver Theater, and the top three bands will play at the State Theater. Check out the link above for all the details. Entries are being taken now.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

If You Find It You Can Go

Last time I looked there was no sign for the Quarry House, and finding out who might be playing there continues to be a well kept if unintentional secret. Still being a lover of the under dog- or under bar in this case, I would rather hang in this dive than the more brightly lit places in Silver Spring so I keep on going back.

This Saturday diligent research (perhaps a facebook posting?) reveals  Ruthie and the Wranglers will be on deck to rock the tater tots off your table. The beer and bourbon list here is worthy of summer reading so ask for it if you don't see one lying around. (And if you don't particularly care for bourbon, please feel free to buy one for Ruthie. Bands here tend to be very fan friendly)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DC's a Veritable Variety Store of Music

What do you like? Post modern grundge with a psychedelic twist? Bluegrass nuances backed by a hint of punk? If it's out there, DC's got it. You might have to look under a rock or two, but it's around here somewhere.

This Friday is no exception starting with the The Nighthawks playing outdoors in Wheaton- free and early in the evening. Then Iota has three- count 'em- three Dead tribute bands including On the Bus, Covered with Jam and the BLack Muddy River Band which ought to satisfy even the hard core of the tye-dye set.

On the the other hand, if you'd rather be stuck in an airless room arguing with Todd Akin rather than hear "Truckin'" one more time, you might want to head over to the Black Cat for Elikeh's AfroPop CD release party with hip hop guest cameo,  Head Roc and opening bands Alma Tropicalia and Chariots.

Down at the 9:30 Club, recent Berklee graduate Owen Danoff is back home now. He'll open for We Were Kings with a solo acoustic set. This show includes four bands for $15- a great chance to check out this all ages anchor of the DC scene.

Wednesday in August= Plenty of Parking

Looking for something to break up the week? Tony Blankenship of The Courtesans describes his show at the Black Cat thusly:

"The Courtesans have been honing our Three Piece Power Pop Prowess with a few new/newish tunes ready to cement our place among the great unknown local bands in the annals of great unknown local bands. 

Joining us, from Annapolis, MD, is Skribe.
Skribe is a one man band who alternates between the banjitar, acoustic and electric guitar with the percussive accompaniment of the ELECTRIC SUITCASE! He's got this Mississippi-tinged garage/folk aesthetic, and puts on an awesome show. He's a good friend, so make sure you show up early to see his set. "

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rock and Roll Hotel Turning Six

Happy hour all day and rocking bands all night. All ages show;  all ages bands with History Repeated featuring John Stabb (formerly of Govt Issue) to the Black Sparks. (underage punk) Sounds like a slamming fun birthday party.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rain on Me

Photo courtesy of DC Rocks

Is it me or is everyone extra jittery about storms this summer? Ever since the Derecho hit town, I've been hearing warning after warning about the possibility of severe weather. There's even an electronic sign in my neighborhood cautioning "beware of standing water." Really? Where???

Meanwhile my yard in D.C. is crisper than a fresh Oreo. The weeds are wilting. My grass- what's left of it- has the consistency of a Pringles potato chip. The only living beings undaunted by the ohthisisn'treallyglobalwarmng-it's justanaturalcycle thing are the mosquitos arriving daily by the cloud.

But once again I digress from the true mission of DC ROCKS which is to rout out good cheap fun.

This week look into JV's Thursday when Dan Hovey will be wielding his mosquito repelling ax.  Finding JV's is a challenge, but two or three go rounds with your GPS should get you to 6666 Arlington Boulevard in this far flung corner of Falls Church. (DC and Maryland people will recoil here visualizing Satan, but if Hovey- a Maryland man himself, can get over there, so can you.) Once there you will have an extremely personal relationship with the band. The stage clears the door by about two feet, and is no more than a dart's throw from the back wall. Superb guitar playing will erase those tremors experienced while weathering the Black Hole they call Seven Corners, and a stiff drink might buck you up for the ride home.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Posing on Memory Lane

Anybody who remembers the above card might want to think about going to Poseur's 30th Reunion party this Saturday night at the Rock and Roll Hotel featuring deejay Mohawk Adam. I spent too much time at 9:30 Club and DC Space to have clear memories of this place besides a lot of lights and noise, but I'm willing to bet a bunch of people who were there more often have hazy memories, too. But that's exactly what these things are for - to remind each other of those crazy  happy times and maybe create another in the process. To borrow from the lexicon of James Cramer, Esq., "Remember the time?"

9 p.m. / $15