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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DC's a Veritable Variety Store of Music

What do you like? Post modern grundge with a psychedelic twist? Bluegrass nuances backed by a hint of punk? If it's out there, DC's got it. You might have to look under a rock or two, but it's around here somewhere.

This Friday is no exception starting with the The Nighthawks playing outdoors in Wheaton- free and early in the evening. Then Iota has three- count 'em- three Dead tribute bands including On the Bus, Covered with Jam and the BLack Muddy River Band which ought to satisfy even the hard core of the tye-dye set.

On the the other hand, if you'd rather be stuck in an airless room arguing with Todd Akin rather than hear "Truckin'" one more time, you might want to head over to the Black Cat for Elikeh's AfroPop CD release party with hip hop guest cameo,  Head Roc and opening bands Alma Tropicalia and Chariots.

Down at the 9:30 Club, recent Berklee graduate Owen Danoff is back home now. He'll open for We Were Kings with a solo acoustic set. This show includes four bands for $15- a great chance to check out this all ages anchor of the DC scene.

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