Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Move Over, Rover-There's a New Club in Town

Washington has seen a lot of clubs come and go, that's for sure, but the 9:30 Club which is constantly garnering national acclaim in Billboard magazine, has definite staying power. Now 9:30 has partnered up with the U Street Music Hall to catch both local and national acts that may be clawing their way up or sliding their way back down in a smaller venue. The club's capacity at 500 (somewhat smaller than the Black Cat)  fills a much needed niche in DC, and it's only a block from the Metro.

There's been press lately about the electronica music partnership between the two clubs, but keep your eye on the schedule for "9:30 Presents"- early shows at U Hall which will feature all kinds of live music, all ages, and all over by ten p.m. (Adults, however, can hang later and rehash the show over another cocktail as the club transforms into the late night groove.)

This Saturday night Chopteeth and Alma Tropicalia will be sure to give you motion loving music fans a chance to try out the "1200 square foot cork- cushioned dance floor." Show starts at 7. $15 cover.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank You Ian Hunter

DC Rocks was driven North last Friday to stalk the man who inspired the name of this blog in a tiny club in a tiny town in Pennsylvania.  Ian Hunter has spent most of his seventy plus years rocking the world, but I get many a blank look when I mention his name. Mott the Hoople usually rings a bell. If that fails, "Cleveland Rocks" might work, but both the band and the song are just the tip of the iceberg of this soul filled man. His songs are anthems and ballads, well written and magnificent live-his voice full of character-his songs ever relevant.

Less than a hundred people turned out in New Hope last Friday, but I am thankful I was able to be one of them. And to everyone who is reading this- thanks for helping keep DC Rocks going...
Thanks for playing music
Thanks for writing.
Thanks for reading.
And thank you, Ian Hunter.

Happy Thanksgiving from DC Rocks.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday

"Friday- it's Friday Gotta get down on Friday..."

Yes, that's from the uber- annoying song made famous by Rebecca Black. If you have a kid around,  you might have had this tune inserted into your brain, and can't get it out. In our house, the ear worm was administered by my ten year son singing falsetto, complete with a dance routine.

What may be even more annoying is all the hype surrounding Black Friday due to FFS. (Frantic Shopping Syndrome) Remember when George Bush Junior told us to shop our way out of  9-11? Well, we ought to have enough stuff by now. The only thing I would consider purchasing on Friday is a deeply discounted turkey. Or tickets to a rock show.

So consider Friday as the perfect time to turn your back on the mall and go out to the Barns of Wolf Trap for The Grandsons' annual show with Derek Huston winging his way in from New Orleans.

Or you could take yourself downtown and meet up with a bunch of old 9:30 Club types at the Black Cat for the big reunion with American Corpse FlowerSister-Ex and Throwdown Syndicate. Our old pal, Freak Fred will be back in town for this ear plug worthy show which pays tribute to beloved DC music man, the late Tom Terrell.

Last but not least The Nighthawks and Skip Castro are over at the State Theater- a great place to see live music brought to you by seasoned pros.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Past Isn't Even Past with the Vi-kings

This Friday The Vi-kings- are playing at Clyde's at the District Line. (You know where that is, right? Just across Wisconsin Avenue from Woodies?)  The Vi-kings were born out of a Whitman High school reunion, but what they do best is take you for a ride back to the past- back when we gave peace a chance.

Actually I don't know WHAT is across the street now, but Clyde's is still there even after the Beverly Hillsification that happened to Friendship Heights/Chevy Chase a few years ago. My classmate, Catherine's  dad, John Richards Andrews was one of the men who designed that Clyde's, and I think it was the first one that branched out from the original dive down in Georgetown. On your way downstairs to see the band, look at the big honking mural over the stair well. See the little guy in the kilt under the tree? That was painted in Mr. Andrews' memory. Now you know.

Great music. No cover. No minimum. Have one for "Rick."

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Remember Those Salad Days and Other Things

In 1606 the term "salad days" first cropped up when Shakespeare's Cleopatra was pondering her youthful hot romance with Julius Caesar. In 1971 "Salad Days" was known as Episode 33 of Monty Python's Flying Circus. Some years and a cart load of fake blood later,  DC's own punk rockers Minor Threat produced a song by the same name  in 1985.

And that song has inspired former Slickee Boy drummer, Dan Palenski to sequester himself in a radio station down in Richmond, Viriginia. He keeps that punk rock thing alive with his show- you guessed it- Salad Days on WRIR from 7-9 every Friday. This Saturday, however, Dan will host another show- "Songs From the Big Hair " from 3-5 p.m. Joining him to send out a shout out to DC's own 80's scene will be long time pal, Robbie White, who is driving all the way down there so we can hear him up here.

WRIR is an independent radio station- a rare breed. Listen on the net, DC- this one's for you.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So Long to Surf Club...Really

Yes, the rumors are true, and the unbelievers will just have to take this picture as proof. "Chick Hall's Surf Club" and "Surf Club Live" is no more. The building has been sold, gutted and is on it's way to becoming a laundromat.

Thank you to the Hall family and the Byrums for all the effort you put into this place, and for giving DC a place to dance for over fifty years. No amount of detergent can wash away all the musical memories you helped create.

Don't Let Little Red Down

Live music needs live bodies. Please support this show and the venues that give life support to local bands. Little Red and the Renegades will be kicking up (the imaginary) Texas dust at Hill Country BBQ this Thursday. It's a lot more fun than a telethon.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Occupy This

We don't usually do bands from out of town, but Danny Ross has spun our attention his way with his "Laid Off Tour." Keeping up with current events, Danny Ross is a recently laid off Congressional staffer on his way here from New York with a nine piece band which is NOT economical, but will be a lot of music for just $12.
Danny will be occupying IOTA this Friday night along with local favorite Justin Trawick.
Spend your tax dollars wisely- support local clubs and music!

Local Bands at Local Hangout Rule DC

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Winner On Eighteenth Street

Though we're not big on sports here at DC Rocks - this review from good friend and sports fan, jholbax, gave us food for thought:

"I still find it hard to speak about the Phillies loss in the first round. I watched a lot of those games, as well as many other of my favorite teams games at Ventnor, a little slice of Philadelphia on 18th Street N.W.  To me, the place has always been very friendly. They have a knack for hiring fun staff, the food is good, and Philly Phans Phlock there, so it's always easy to talk to anyone at the bar. 
Now to why I am writing about this place: I was really hungry. One of the reasons I stopped in there was because they have this great pigs-in-the blanket appetizer. I ordered a Bud and the pigs.  Catherine, the bartender, says, "Ahhh we just took them off the menu."  I am crushed and ask for a menu.  She gives it to me, and I peruse. I see "Fried Lobster Mac."  Ask the bartender about it- she says get it. I do. 
Mac and cheese with lump lobster, seemingly formed by an ice cream scoop, and then deep fried lightly with a really nice bread crumby crust.  Ladies and Gentlemen - may I present the newest best plate on 18th St.  It is fantastic and only $11."