Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Past Isn't Even Past with the Vi-kings

This Friday The Vi-kings- are playing at Clyde's at the District Line. (You know where that is, right? Just across Wisconsin Avenue from Woodies?)  The Vi-kings were born out of a Whitman High school reunion, but what they do best is take you for a ride back to the past- back when we gave peace a chance.

Actually I don't know WHAT is across the street now, but Clyde's is still there even after the Beverly Hillsification that happened to Friendship Heights/Chevy Chase a few years ago. My classmate, Catherine's  dad, John Richards Andrews was one of the men who designed that Clyde's, and I think it was the first one that branched out from the original dive down in Georgetown. On your way downstairs to see the band, look at the big honking mural over the stair well. See the little guy in the kilt under the tree? That was painted in Mr. Andrews' memory. Now you know.

Great music. No cover. No minimum. Have one for "Rick."

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