Sunday, November 30, 2008

Beam Over, Scottie

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Friday, November 28, 2008


The Nighthawks. GHz. The Grandsons. The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours.
What do these groups have in common? They are four fantastic DC bands, and they are all playing this Friday night.  Unfortunately they'll be in four different places:

The Nighthawks, one of our longer lasting straight ahead rock and roll bands which has played at many a legendary event will be at The State Theater in Falls Church. The State is one of my favorite places to see a show. There's the old theater balcony seating upstairs - two bars downstairs- a big dance floor/mosh pit and tables and chairs in case you want to have dinner. I especially like being able to roam around as there's no ticketed seating. $13.

 GHz brings back the legends of yesteryear. They'll be at Outta The Way Cafe in Derwood (which really is out of the way) but  you can sit and have a bite to eat and jettison yourself back in time. According to Scott this show will include "Scott and Dan’s explosive psychedelic originals, uniquely orchestrated remakes of some of Cream’s greatest B-sides and classic compositions from Mr. Hendrix and Mr. Morrison. Plus an extra special Cream-block in honor of the 40th anniversary of their farewell concert in 1968." No cover!

The Grandsons playing The Barns of Wolf Trap the day after Thanksgiving has become such an event that they captured the show on a CD last year and the band won a Wammie. It's an all ages dance party with a number of  luminaries sitting in such as Jon Carroll, Derek Huston (all the way form NOLA), and Moe Nelson. The Barns is another good place to see a show- a great open "barn" of a room, good acoustics and a bar with tables in the room right next to it. $16

And last but certainly not least- The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours named after a legendary DC watering hole will be playing Iota. Their shows are becoming harder to find then a cheap strong drink in this town so this might will be a don't miss event if you are a fan. And don't be surprised to find Tom Clifford of King Soul sitting in. Plus Derek Huston and Chris Watling will be joining the fray once the show at Wolf Trap is over. (Truly devoted fans- take note-and carpool!) Pete Kanaras formerly of The Nighthawks will ALSO get in on the act after playing with opening band The Remnants--another talented crew featuring known for its "Southern tinged rock with Annapolis grit." Who knows who else will show up or what will happen at this show, but it's bound to be a whole lot of fun and talent for just $10. 

So forget the madness of the malls-what can you get there for under twenty bucks besides fast food and a headache? Have fun! Boost the economy by supporting our swinging local  music scene!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank Heaven for DC Girls

Give thanks for local music, and our own wise and wild women on Wednesday night, November 26 at the Quarry House in Silver Spring. DC-area burlesque star, Shortstaxx reports: "I am honored to share the bill with 2 of my favorite rock'n'roll bands fronted by 2 fantastic rock'n'roll women. Sister Ex is led by the amazing Claudia Neuman and Ottley! fronted by the legendary-and I am not dropping the word casually here-yes, the legendary Martha Hull! ...I will perform 2 burlesque acts in between sets. Come on down to the Quarry House for a pre-holiday throw down. Burlesque, Beer, Booze, Burgers and kick-ass rock'n'roll!!!!
No cover
AND it's 50% off all whiskeys on Wednesday! Who could ask for more?"

DC ROCKS agrees. Who could ask for more than to hang out with friends and strangers in a cool cozy club while enjoying great performances by women AND men. Note that
Ottley! also includes 2 other local rock 'n'roll legends Marshall Keith* and Bob Berberich. You can get your metabolism rolling on the dance floor so that a little bit of pie on Thursday won't hurt you. And Shortstaxx will have you rethinking burlesque if you haven't already.
Last one there's a turkey.

* Check out Marshall's piece about growing up at Washington, My Hometown

Friday, November 21, 2008


I was raving about Prabir and the Substitutes the other day when a friend asked me-what was a Prabir exactly?
I explained that Prabir wasn't an "it," but a "he." And I looked it up- Indian male name meaning"hero." Very cool and very appropriate. But the talent of this band doesn't stop there- all of these guys have IT. Mark Noone remembers: Lyn2 and I saw Prabir and the boys for the first time at Dogfish Head in Delaware. After 2 minutes into the first song, I turned to her and said, "I wanna be in this band!"
Come and see 'em, and do it now. They are playing The Galaxy Hut in Arlington THIS Sunday with The Palominos. (Prabir describes The Palominos as : "rock and roll with a little dirty South in them now and then.")
Mind the poster -they won't be back this way for quite awhile. Just $5. You can't beat this show anywhere in the universe for that price.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stuff by Lyn2

I don't know why Rambling Shadows' CD is called "The Tools and Stuff," but lately I have been thinking about how stuff can weigh you down. Clutter, money worries, work annoyances and various real life things take over your psyche and it becomes counter-productive. Music slows the brain parade of issues and reorganizes the thought patterns for me, and no one does it better than Rambling Shadows. They'll be at the Velvet Lounge this Saturday, November 22. Sharing the stage are the Tail Draggers, a high energy garage band which includes members of The Beatnik Flies and Rhomboid. They will have you dancing. The Left originally "a real punk rock band from Hagerstown" will also share the stage. Can you get more real than that?
Get your brain rearranged by local indie talent.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who Is He?

(Photo by Tom Shea)

Marshall Keith might be best known as a founding member of one of Washington's most celebrated local bands, The Slickee Boys, but he has remained extremely active in the music scene for many years in other bands and as a solo artist. His two solo CDs are out of print but much sought after. Look for them. Part singer, part song writer, part chameleon he is all musician and a heck of a guitar player. Lately he technically reinvented the instrument by utilizing a baritone neck on a rhythm guitar thus enabling him to play bass, rhythm and lead all at once with Ottley- the group he is in now.

Things have changed in this town since Marshall arrived almost fifty years ago. And things are changing again. Change for the good. Marshall reflects on the good, the bad and the sometimes really ugly in his piece for Washington My Hometown.

You can catch Marshall playing live next week- November 26- when Ottley plays the Quarry House in Silver Spring. And don't miss The Slickee Boys reunion gigs just after Christmas. Stay tuned to this blog for details.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Palisades Rocks

(Palisades Museum Of Prehistory )

My DC neighborhood used to be a hide away for people seeking relief from the torrid summers here. We're near the Potomac and up hill from downtown. Now we're a haven for artists and writers by the dozen, but we also have a one of a kind renaissance man named Doug Dupin. He designs his own long boards. He built himself a wine cellar/cabin that Martha Stewart would kill for with little touches and innovations that might have intrigued Thomas Jefferson. Then he turned it into the Palisades Museum of Prehistory which is filled with artifacts from the neighborhood which otherwise would have been lost to bulldozers. He grows his own hops, makes his own beer. He rides around on an old black bike.
As if that all weren't enough, Doug is also a film maker, and he's made a short documentary about another neighbor, James McMahon. Maybe you saw some of the pictures I posted of James' art project in the woods. Now you can get the whole story thanks to Doug from the horse's mouth. Check out this great little film:Portrait of the Artist as A Middle Aged Man.

A truly DC centric thing.

(James' World) Photos by LC

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dance x 4= Great Show

Thursday may be the new Friday, but this week that ole reliable- Saturday night- stands out with four wild and crazy good young bands conveniently located under one roof at the Rock and Roll Hotel down on H Street. I would go to this show just to see one of my personal favorites Greenland-so I was pleasantly surprised to find out there was even more talent on the bill as follows:
 The Dance Party-
I've not seen them, but they've gotten raves for their high energy pop sound and played plenty of well received gigs.
Another high energy band. We've written about these guys before and had a great time at their shows. 
Ra Ra Rasputin- Lyn2 and I saw them  at Fort Reno last summer and were impressed.  Another band that can do.

All of these groups have that indie tag going for them- original music and personality galore. 
So if you are looking to lose those Autumn blues- come out and shake the dust off your tail feathers. Four bands -just TEN BUCKS!!!!  Show starts at 9.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And continuing the theme for the mandated Thursday night out- across the river from the Quarry House in another galaxy far far away (i.e. Northern Va.) GHz is playing at Bangkok Blues in Falls Church. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Dan Hovey is one of the best guitar players around, and GHz is one of the only cover bands that gets coverage here. If you can't wow 'em, why bother with retreads? Because this band delivers the wow.

Also on Thursday- Dave Kitchen, a versatile guy in his own rite with a great band will be doing his usual gig at the Sunset Grille in Annandale. All the bands and bars we cover here at DC Rocks need your support. PLEASE don't let these small venues and great players disappear with these challenging economic times. Just get out and shop. I mean drink. Be merry- it's Thursday.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Thursday is the New Friday

Now that we're in the beginning of a new age, it's actually mandatory to go out on Thursday nights. So this Thursday, November 13, it would be really cool if you went to the legendary Quarry House in Silver Spring to see the even-more-legendary Tru Fax and the Insaniacs. Presidents may come and go, but Tru Fax is a constant. Witness the Ronald Reagan song that evolved over numerous iterations into the W song. This might be your last chance to hear it. Dollar Bin has just been added to the bill too.

The Quarry House has the best beer selection around, good food including their famous tater tots and it's a cozy place that feels like home. Just north of the next state's border on Georgia Avenue and convenient to the Ronald Reagan Silver Spring Metro too. Did I write this whole entry without mentioning Jamie Cramer? It won't happen again.

Lyn2 (photos courtesy of JB at Surf Club Live)

DC-Are You Experienced?

It happened in San Francisco. It happened at Woodstock. But what I love is that it also happened here in Washington, D.C. in the summer of 1967. What was it? A genuine psychedelic phenomenon in the form of rock and light shows at the now defunct Ambassador Theater in Adam's Morgan. Jeff Krulik, local film maker, organized a reunion/forum last year for those who made the happening happen, and it was one of my favorite topics for this blog. If you missed the story-here's my post from last November. Plus now you can experience part of the reunion for yourself thanks to Jeff's film on Youtube.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Random Thoughts

I was at Lyn2's election party- surrounded by people cheering and crying when the results came in for Obama, but here it is four days later, and I'm still waiting for the good news to really sink in. But I also feel like I'm waiting for
another shoe to drop. Maybe it's from the toll of so much BAD news for eight years running- both personally and politically. My daughter is a cancer survivor, but the year 2000 was a bleak one as she was just starting a two and half year regime of chemo therapy. And GW became president. Before 9-11 I could barely stand to hear him talk, but at least he seemed semi- harmless.Then on September 11th, he hid in an airplane leaving us to make do on the ground.

I was sure that four years later people would have had enough of the horrors of the Bush administration. I don't think I've ever been so depressed after an election as I was in November 2004. I couldn't believe the level of fear mongering that went into justifying an invasion- the loss of life and limbs and torture. And here at home the environment was sacrificed for the oil people and the coal industry; basic rights were stripped away in the name of Homeland Security. Even the right to speak out was quashed whenever possible.

But now there is hope as Mark Noone keeps telling me. Yes, it's a very scary scene the Bush people are leaving behind, but at least they are leaving. And my friend, Eric Brace who has been battling a weird and worrisome mystery illness seems to be on the mend as well. He is hopeful, too; ecstatic about this election which is a quantum leap from four years ago.

Maybe I should stick my head out of the covers and begin to believe that it really is going to be okay. At least we have hope.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Asylum Friday Night - Our Time is NOW by Lyn2

Sometimes nostalgia is annoying because it makes people live in the past rather than the now. But I am looking forward to seeing my childhood friend Danny Ingram in King Mixer, playing at Asylum with Fight the Bear Friday night. I'm not going for nostalgic reasons, even though it's tremendous to find so many old friends playing music these days. I'm intrigued by this description of King Mixer's sound: "King Mixer draws on all of these influences to create a sound that blends intense and melodic guitars with songs that tell stories about the things you did but shouldn’t have, and things you should have said but didn’t." Been there. As if that's not enough, the Falls Church-based Fight the Bear guarantees ".... a dose of something genuine." Asylum is a place you want to know - 2471 18th Street NW in Adams Morgan. Doors at 8.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WE WON!!!!!

So far, for me anyway, Bill Hanke said it best when he put this message on his MySpace page: "LOVE  has defeated evil."

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

With Justice and Liberty For ALL?

DC is rocking with voters today. I hear that the line went two blocks out the door, past the playground, past the parking lot- all the way to Sherier Place earlier this morning in my neighborhood. But being the later bird who usually misses the worm,  I voted in about ten minutes around 9 a.m. I met an older woman in line, and she agreed with me that this was the most exciting election ever- though she did give a nod to the Hubert Humphrey campaign.

Still not all is well here in Washington. The citizens here vote for shadow representatives since we don't have the right to decide our own destiny in Congress- although we CAN vote for president and do. Perhaps we need our own Rebel Alliance to Restore the Republic? (Perhaps I watched Star Wars twenty years too late?) 

Anyway-please- vote heavily and often today, and think of us colonists residing right here- in our Nation's Capitol- who would if we could.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

6 Day Bender

Was a 2 night Halloween weekend enough?
Do you want to keep the momentum going until that wildly swinging Election Day party you're going to on Tuesday? (right after you vote)
Well, here's a late breaking bulletin from Bill Hanke, our own local guru of rock. He wants everybody to go see 6 Day Bender -an original young band from Charlottesville tonight at the Quarry House in Silver Spring. Early show so you can have your cake and get some sleep, too. And say hi to Bill- you can't miss him.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Breaking News for Saturday Night and Beyond

From a secret DC ROCKS contributor..... this is fun and chock full of great info! Just click the title.