Thursday, June 20, 2013

As They Used to Say on Hee- Haw: SAL- UTE!

Since we lost Chick Hall's Surf Club in Hyattsville, Max Blob's Bavarian Beer Hall (or Blob's Park) in Jessup may be the closest thing we have to a honky- tonk around here which makes it the perfect venue for the "Tribute to the Women of Country" music show this Saturday at 8 p.m. featuring Diana Quinn, Ruthie Logsdon, Karen Collins and much more. (Is that a run on sentence or just a stream of consciousness ?)

Lacking the restraints of city life, this place stretches out with a huge dance floor and an even bigger parking lot, and is conveniently located within tobacco spitting distance of I-95.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Frager's FundIng Fete

Frager's Hardware- a DC institution- sadly made the news recently when a fire devastated the building. This Friday night Little Red and the Renegades will be playing at Eastern Market to help the folks at Frager's get back on their feet. Come on out if you care about the small local stores that were here long before the big boxes and chains that bedevil our landscape now.
6- 8 p.m.

Home Again

Luke Brindley has been busy guy-so busy in fact that he's putting out two CDs. Yep, two at once. Check it out when Luke plays his own home base- Jammin' Java this Friday.

Friday, June 14, 2013

June in Bloom

This year a lot of people think that June 16th is Father's Day, and that may be true, but every year without exception this date means Bloomsday especially in Dublin. Last year I was lucky enough to be in Ireland, but I have to admit I slept late that day, (which adds up to about 700 pages in Ulysses) but I did wake up in time for a Gorgonzola sandwich and a glass of Burgundy at Davy Byrne's. (And I have to admit I enjoyed that more than I enjoyed reading Ulysses.)


I can hear the screams of "sacrilege!" from a few devoted readers. And I hear the sigh of "what the hell is she blathering about now?" from others, so let me get to the point.

For all of you looking to celebrate Father's Day, the "Like Your Dad Did" event at the Hamilton is definitely the gig for you. Musical fathers and offspring will be banding together to perform paternally themed tunes including local luminaries like Bill and Owen Danoff, Mike and Georgia Cotter, Jon and Ben Carroll and more. Show starts at 7:30.

For those of you leaning toward things Joycean, join the fray at Politics and Prose for a reading at noon Then the shenanigans go on at James Hoban's Irish Pub on Dupont Circle which has a "Dublin Resurrection" from 2-6 pm featuring 20 (possibly inebriated) volunteer readers with a special lunch and, of course, libations on the menu.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

BBQ Street Jazz Flower Children and More

Once upon a time when I was expecting my first child, it wasn't pickles and ice cream I craved so much as baby back ribs in a sweet and spicy sauce that was worth the drive to Richmond. The BBQ hunt is an ongoing adventure, and I haven't tried Acre 121, but they advertise low country BBQ and live music in Columbia Heights. This Saturday night the Bumper Jacksons are throwing a CD party complete with burlesque dancing. Not sure how many young bands are out there doing "traditional street jazz, ragtime and pre-war country," but this sounds like a real show. Cover $10 and a free CD at the door. 9 pm

Meanwhile up at Clyde's in Chevy Chase, the ever reliable Vi-Kings are inviting you out to their summer party to get everyone into that beach-ey frame of mind. Their musical energy is dedicated to bringing back things psychedelic and that flower power decade. No cover.

And look for Doug Stevenson and the Spades tuning up and honky-tonking in the beer box alcove which constitutes being on stage at the Quarry House. This signless joint is quite literally underneath it all on the corner of Bonifant and Georgia in downtown Silver Spring. Free.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just Move It

Haydee's is a neighborhood restaurant with decent margaritas and a lot of heart.  This place valiantly features live music on a regular basis which is a rare thing in Mount Pleasant, and the staff is ready, willing and able to push back the tables when people get up to dance.  Little Red and the Renegades will be there this Friday, and furniture will be moving.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DC Bands Just Keep Cropping Up

The Mission South- a DC based band with and rock soul roots, but its own unique sound migrates to Northeast to play Rock n Roll Hotel this Thursday night. They'll be opening for the London Souls- a limey based rock band from New York.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Attention Rained Upon Local Bands

Are you are in a local band out there scrounging for gigs from a bar manager who asked you to play but won't call you back? Are you searching craigslist for new monitors after that incident with the hose at your cousin's backyard barbecue?  Chances are you could use a leg up, and the folks at Jammin' Java can help. Try out for their Mid-Atlantic Battle of the Bands contest this year. The winner receives $2500 in cold cash, (think of all the beer and mike stands that could buy)  plus studio recording time and more. All genres are welcome, but you must throw your musical hat in the ring by June 8. Click here for details.