Friday, August 31, 2007

Monster Rally Tonight

I'm always a sucker for free music, and in the summer there's a lot to choose from around here. Tonight you can get a free solid hour of The Hula Monsters. If you've been napping, the Monsters have been together for almost twenty years and many stellar players have rotated in and out- including Jack O' Dell, Dan Hovey, Dave Chappell- and Mark Noone (Mark is STILL in )
And you can believe that everybody in this band really knows what they are doing.
The show starts at 7:30 in Mason District Park, 6621 Columbia Pike in Annandale.
All you have to do is show up.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Music Tonight

For those who swing the other way- geographically- Dan Hovey, one of my favorite guitar guys, is playing with Mary Ann Redmond tonight from 8 until 11 at 100 King Street, a restaurant/bar in old town Alexandria. My buddy, John has been trying to get music going there, and it looks like he's succeeding. Good food and a nice spot for a summer evening.

Get Glover Park on the Map

You might know him as an Insect Surfer or your real estate man, but Josh Arnson went to Texas and came back a surfing guitar playing range selling singing cowboy type kind of guy. (You know the sort.)He and his band DC HONKY TONKIN are trying to get Glover Park going every Thursday night in a cafe called My Bakery @ 2233 Wisconsin Av. There's a stage, a dance floor and everything needed for a great space. They've got beer, wine, and free parking in the back so get your dancing shoes, and go check him out sometime-like tonight.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

August 29th

The storm that ate New Orleans is all over the news again, but little is new. It's the grim anniversary of unrelenting anxiety, anguish and devastation that should be somewhat over by now, but it takes these significant dates to turn our heads -to remind us it's far from finished.
Last Sunday I saw our friends who live in New Orleans, Derek Huston and Macon Fry, up here at a party in Virginia. Derek's family evacuated, and ended up starting a branch of their school while they were gone. Macon had to go as well. The band Derek was in scattered, and not all could return. Fortunately their houses were spared, and spared again when an under reported tornado ripped through the neighborhood a year or so later, but, of course, an incomprehensible number of people were not so lucky.

I'm overly fond of New Orleans as every year, including the year after Katrina, the Hustons have made room for our family to crash with them for Mardi Gras. (In the past that's meant six kids under one roof.) A lot of people think Bourbon Street= New Orleans. (As if D.C. is just Pennsylvania Avenue) Some are a bit taken aback when I tell them we take our children there.
Others don't understand how Mardi Gras could carry on after the storm. Those that live there know why-that it's an affirmation of life, almost as necessary as breathing. It's not just a party or parades, but a season sublime. And it's traditions of joy that makes that city tick-the pageantry, the abundant music and the amazing food. As we wander about in our costumes, laughing at the guys dressed as Elvis that just walked by, Derek likes to say "Everywhere else- it's just Tuesday."
New Orleans, like an endangered species, still critically needs help to survive. The suicide rate there is on the rise. How sad is that?
Besides everywhere else-it's just NOT New Orleans.

Maybe It's Something in the BBQ?

(Derek Huston, Bill Kirchen, Jack O'Dell, Johnny Castle,
and Andy Rutherford @ The Mayfields' 2007)

The Mayfields' legendary party starring Bill Kirchen and friends took place again over the weekend. Last year it was the Rhodes Tavern Troubadours' last gig before Dave Chappell left the band, and this year, the only Troubadour in sight was Jack O'Dell who has rejoined Bill Kirchen.
(Still like The Beatles, we can always hold out for a reunion...

(RTTS plus Derek Huston @ The Mayfields' 2006)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Rocking Not Lounging

(Ottley with Marshall and Martha-photo by Mark Noone)

A lot of people missed the big show at The Velvet Lounge last Saturday-
(including Hayley and Bucket-Martha was asking for yous guys)
but I think a little piece of DC Rock History was created when Ottley covered "To Sir With Love," while Mark Noone and Boyd Farrell danced together. Top that.
(Once again proving the old adage you had to have been there.)

(Rustbuckit with Boyd-photo by Mark Noone)

(Marshall and Dan-photo by Mark Noone)

And Dan Palenski made it all the way from Williamsburg putting The Slickee Boys in first place for attendance.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Quandry

Blogger went to the beach, but came back just in time to ponder which show to go to tonight- Alice Despard is back at the Galaxy Hut, and she won't be playing again for quite a while. Then again there is the old folks' show* at The Velvet Lounge with New Standard ( x Penetrators) Ottley (x Slickees) and Rustbuckit (x Blackmarket Baby) All still alive and very much kicking. I'm not sure how The Velvet Lounge can handle all that energy, but it'll definitely be worth finding out.

*sorry, Mary, but that's what everybody's calling it.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

He's Got A Big Mouth

Don Imus is back in the news which strikes a personal chord with me. My son is staying at his ranch this week in New Mexico. Thanks to a neighbor who used to listen to Imus, we found out about the ranch he set up for kids who survived cancer, and now their siblings have a chance to go.

Cancer is an invasive species in more ways than medical. It creeps into your life, raises havoc and fears-and disrupts every damn day. Your friends and family feel the impact. And in the case of children, it's problematic. How do you explain their lives now? The "medicine" that they will have to take for months or even years will make them lose their hair, and sometimes their identity as they drop in and out of school, and the life they once knew. They might lose old friends who can't cope, and gain new ones who won't survive. Those who do make it are our modern miracles, but we can't know what the toll will be- what physical and mental "late effects" will linger.

Don Imus understands this. He started with the usual fund raisers on the air, but he soon became more personally involved. He wanted to do something beyond the dollars, and he came up with the idea of a working ranch to give kids the confidence he felt he gained when he grew up roping and riding on his family's farm. Ten or so kids arrive for a week. They are given a horse to care for and put to work. The Imus family, ranch hands and staff all eat and go through the day with the kids making the place more like a new home than anything else. (When Imus was on the air, he would broadcast from his studio right there in the house.)

My daughter has been twice. She comes back dressed like a true cow girl with the ability to lasso her friends and a huge excitement about where she has been and what she has learned. I know my son, who was six when she was diagnosed and endured three years of being put aside for her and our new baby, will have an amazing experience. He deserves it.

So say what you will about the man, his show, or his politics. There is more to this story than meets the ear on the news. Personally I don't know that much about Don Imus, but I am willing to bet that he is an equal opportunity misanthrope. His foot may be in his mouth, but his heart is in the right place.


Due to technical difficulties beyond my control ( really beyond my comprehension)
an older posting about Prabir went out yesterday instead of the current post on Dan Hovey.
The subscription service is by a third party, Feedburner, but my apologies for any confusion.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dan Hovey. If he was dead you'd call him a local guitar legend, but lucky for us he is alive and well. He used to play with the legendary Root Boy Slim- then he left this burg for New York for years. Dan's been back for a while now playing in his own bands as well as with Ron Holloway, The Hula Monsters, Bill Kirchen and Jon Carroll. (just to name a few)
Earlier this summer he started playing with Mary Ann Redmond. You can catch him tonight with his cover band Bad Daddy at good ole JV's Restaurant (no cover) in Falls Church and August 26th with Mary Ann at The Harp and Fiddle in Bethesda.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Benefit for John Stabb Tonight

The Saviours, Pup Tent, Jerry Busher (Fugazi) and more are coming together tonight at The Velvet Lounge to put on a show for John Stabb ( Government Issue) who was hurt in an assault.
Please, come down and make this night a success.

When It Rains It Pours

The kids at Fort Reno tried to carry on last night, but the rain gods won out which, selfishly, is a good thing for my yard. Waking up this morning, I noticed the top of my magnolia is brown, and even the stronger than dirt day lilies are dying. This has never happened in all the years I've been here. The yard is practically a federal disaster area- drought- wise. Congratulations to Sam, who made it to the concert with his drums despite a flat tire. At least he go to go on before it rained. Keep playing, Sam- the gods are with you.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Big Cool Down

It's a balmy 97 degrees-and The Grandsons are playing on Lion Hill at the Zoo tonight.
A great band at a great price! ( absolutely free)

If your personal creed doesn't allow you to go out until after sundown, The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours are playing at The Quarry House in SIlver Spring from about 9 until midnight- 7 bucks- not including tater tots. (That's still a great deal at about $2.30 per muscian.) Plus it may be their last public gig for the foreseeable future.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

dc space reunion bulletin

Tom and Dodie @ the dc space reunion-by Jeff The Purple

Jeff The Purple, a good friend of Tom's, sent me the link to his Tom Terrell Photo blog.
Go there to see lots more pictures of the d.c. space party at the 9:30 Club.
(good ones since he is a photographer by trade) There are also links to Tom's blogs.

Make sure you hit the "archives"as well because most of his pix can't fit on one page.

Stay cool, you all.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Coming and Going

(Karen and Pete just passing through DC)

I am not going to write about the heat even though that's all I can think about. So I'll call my friend, Kiki who is driving a car load of kids back to New Orleans. She and her girls slept in my bed the other night, but I missed seeing her in person so we have to catch up. Now she's just outside Knoxville, and that horse is headed for the barn. It's the time of year when people are coming and going. Our friend, Caitlin who just got off a plane from Minnesota will come down from Baltimore today. My friend, Karen and her family were here for a night in between New York and Paris. Our friend, Derek is still here, but he gets on a plane on Thursday. And the Gilman family flies back to Moscow tonight.

Even though our relationships consist of very few hours together, I guess we are lucky to have planes, trains and automobiles- internet and phones and that forgotten gem, the post office. I always hold out hope I will see someone again even if it's highly unlikely.

I've gone to two reunions this year- one for school and one for the now defunct nightclub, d.c. space. The first was a bit nerve wracking- not remembering some faces, and not wanting to remember some faces-but laughing about it later with the people you came with made it all worthwhile. The second was just a trip- tons of people you knew well or only by nodding to at the bar, but it was a gathering of us oddballs who tip violently towards the artistic side of life.
Whatever brought us together back then was bringing us together now, and it felt a lot better than school.

Time to get Caitlin from the Metro. I can't wait to see her.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Summertime In Washington

Is this It? The end of life as we know it?
Look around- The houses are empty. People are fleeing the city. The bugs are getting louder-preparing to take over. Go down town. There's parking.

Have you lost the will to live as I have?
At least the sun will go down again, and we can crawl out into the night, and look for signs of life
like at The Velvet Lounge where bands who changed their name from a couple of weeks ago persevere...See the Dead Husbands, no the Ex (or is it X?) Husbands- now Deadbeats -tonight, featuring Beatnik Fly, Joe Dolan's daughter, Hayley.

(Sorry. The heat has taken away any slim grasp I had on grammar)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

All You Need Is LOve

(Tom Terrrell and Bill Warrell @ The 9:30 party)

What better way to have a good time than to start
a bar in 1977... have a reunion thirty years later
and invite all those people that made it happen?
Thank you Bill Warrell, for making this whole scene possible.
And how great it was to see Tom Terrell who was being
chased around all night by family, fans and friends alike.

This was the real DC.

People got there early and stayed late.
Laura Fasulka came all the way from New Jersey.
Some people came from just down the street, but
we never each other anymore, but that's what
reunions are all about.
Here's just a little of what went on Sunday at the 9:30 Club:
(And thank you Seth and Rich for giving up the place for "space")

See that beautiful woman with the water bottle?
That's Dodie DiSanto- a founder of the original
9:30, talking to Michael Beil. Susan and Cort
next to her and Boyd at the bar.

And below- Laura, who used to go to all
the Troublefunk shows with me,
Susan, from the ticket window at the ole joint, and
Milo of golden WHFS days.

Another great thing was the photo booth
where Charles Steck did a brisk business.
(See the Beatnik Flies getting their picture
behind Alberto And Laura?)

Here's Jean, you may have seen her lurking around
the new 9:30 Club as the bar manager, but she was
a pillar at dc space back in the day, and Ruthie
of Ruthie and The Wranglers getting ready to play.

You could catch people on stage like Mark Noone
and The Beatnik Flies...

and you could catch 'em off-
Marie, a bartender from the ole 9:30 and
Mark, an incredibly steady customer.

Kenny from The Beatnik Flies
and PHil from Puptent.

Eric and Rick used to man the door at the old club.

The best thing about this event was it was an act of love.
It wasn't about who you were or who you are or who
you know. Everybody who came brought
something to the party,
and gave it away to someone who need it more.

Thanks ...everybody.