Thursday, February 25, 2016

Silver Springs Eternal

Silver Spring may be here to stay, but DC ROCKS detects a shifting or two. I am glad to report that Joe's Record Paradise is alive and well; the store just drifted a few blocks north of itself and will reopen soon at 8700 Georgia Avenue just around the corner from another migrant, the good ole Tastee Diner. (In 1999 this 1946 landmark was lifted off its foundation on Georgia and moved to Cameron Street.) The Quarry House is still closed post fire, but the bar flies are convening across the street at the old Piratz bar, and the live music goes on for now at Hank Dietles featuring Ruthie and the Wranglers this Saturday night.

At the end of March, however, one of Silver Spring's more original restaurants, Jackie's a space carved out of an auto parts store, will be closing after eleven years. I remember well when Jackie's first opened because of two little words both dangerous and dear to my heart: fried chicken. I am willing to go all over this town searching for that elusive recipe that Aunt Bee had such a good handle on so hearing this was a feature dish caught my attention.

At some point though, Jackie's dropped this delicacy from the menu, and since the Hitching Post changed hands, my nearby Safeway has become my go to spot.  Yes, Safeway. Low on atmosphere, but high on bird fry know how. (This may be that miserable little store's only saving grace, but that's another story...)

 Jackie's will be missed, but the good news is Chef Darius Killian, aka the "Chicken Man," has been lured back temporarily to fry up a storm every Monday. This fat filled frivolity is just part of Jackie Greenbaum's big send off to herself and long time customers.  Jackie will also be pooling the talents of her Quarry House veterans to rock the Sidebar most weekends throughout March starting this Saturday with 7 Door Sedan and the ever rawkous Ubangis. See full listings in DC Rocks own sidebar. All shows feature really great, really fun  DC ROCKS approved bands....No cover !

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Boycott Cancer Here

DC music fans certainly know the name John Stabb or at least know of his band Government Issue which was a big part of the Discord family and our harDCore history. On stage John can be a crazy wild man. In person, he fits the typical description you often hear about serial killers - he's a "good guy. " And I concur. John is a sweet dude with a strong spirit who has already weathered a violent random attack in 2007. Now he's fighting that black plague that dogs us all in one way or another, and he could use a boost.

Thanks to these pre-apocalyptic days of fluid inter-galactic communication,  it is relatively easy to get the word out. You there- reading this message on that phone device in your hand- you can probably figure out how to support John's "cancer boycott" in about ten seconds, but here's the link to a fund me thing which should cut down the search time by half.

Stay tuned for more about a benefit concert coming up at Comet Ping Pong on March 12 when John's musical mates take up their battle swords.

Friday, February 12, 2016


Valentine's Day, like any holiday, can be a sweet shot in the arm or a pain in the ass. I don't remember much about getting valentines in grade school, but that might have been when I got my biggest haul.  My girlfriends and I would pass out corny little numbers like this:
I do remember that big green eraser Robbie Fisher gave me in second grade, but the best valentine of all came in a small heart shaped box of chocolates from my Dad and that Whitman guy.

By middle school I finally realized that it was all about the Boy giving the Girl an eraser, (I mean valentine) but now all that romantic jazz was fraught with anxiety for a scrawny little girl like me. Relationships were short lived or revolved around too many drama driven events including the always awkward mixers.  Boys would be glued to one wall of the gym with girls feigning indifference on the other....all of us psychically willing some young stag to leap across that Great Divide while a local band covered "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress." Sometimes the girls would just give up and start dancing with each other. Consequently valentines were few and far between.

The love department got a lot more exciting and even a tiny bit dangerous in high school, but I don't remember getting a single valentine....and, never mind.  I don't want to talk about it. Let's just say boyfriends yes; valentines NO. At least Dad still came through with the Whitman sampler.

But L-O-V-E love itself? Now that's another story.  "Love is a walk down Main Street. Love is an apple, honey so sweet." Love is Al Green. On Soul Train, no less.  Check out this video from 1975.  Doesn't that make you smile? Didn't watch it? Then go back and do so because this video is my valentine to you, dear readers. Take advantage of February 14th as a day to throw your heart around in unexpected directions. Call an old friend. Give a valentine to someone who least expects to get one.

Or bundle up a lover, a friend or even a neighbor and take them down to the Hamilton where Mister Newmyer has once again roped together a great gang of musicians to create another cool show. This time everyone's covering those cuddly mop tops' most romantic numbers. All you need is ....

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Buddy Meets Mardi Gras

The shows are stacked up this weekend like jets circling National Airport after an East Coast blizzard. Check the calendar in the sidebar at DC ROCKS for more choices, but here's a few ideas to get you rolling:

Cravin' Dogs are celebrating their 30th (!) anniversary at Villain & Saint on Friday. Congratulations you mongrels. Here's an aside. When I first started using Gmail,  I was a little freaked out that some internet spy-bot would would be trolling my mail, but after corresponding with the band, I saw ads for house breaking puppies pop up, and I felt more amused than violated...

But I digress.

A huge local-palooza  Buddy Holly Tribute Show happens at Bethesda Blues on Saturday night featuring so many musicians that the bar bill for the bands alone might make it a successful evening for the club. Meanwhile just up the pike, The Vi-Kings are storming Strathmore Amp.

And for all of you pining for New Orleans,  Little Red & the Renegades will shut down the carnival season on appropriately enough this Tuesday. They'll be at Arlington's newest brewpub Sehkraft- right up the street from the Clarendon Mardi Gras parade which starts at 8 p.m., and ball which is being thrown with Yamomanem and 8 Ohms at the Clarendon Ballroom.   (Tickets are $20 for the dance.) Laissez all things bon.