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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Boycott Cancer Here

DC music fans certainly know the name John Stabb or at least know of his band Government Issue which was a big part of the Discord family and our harDCore history. On stage John can be a crazy wild man. In person, he fits the typical description you often hear about serial killers - he's a "good guy. " And I concur. John is a sweet dude with a strong spirit who has already weathered a violent random attack in 2007. Now he's fighting that black plague that dogs us all in one way or another, and he could use a boost.

Thanks to these pre-apocalyptic days of fluid inter-galactic communication,  it is relatively easy to get the word out. You there- reading this message on that phone device in your hand- you can probably figure out how to support John's "cancer boycott" in about ten seconds, but here's the link to a fund me thing which should cut down the search time by half.

Stay tuned for more about a benefit concert coming up at Comet Ping Pong on March 12 when John's musical mates take up their battle swords.

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