Friday, July 31, 2009

Usher in August with Your Sister

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yes You Can

Maybe you don't know what the right solution is for health care and global warming. Perhaps you're sick of DC ROCKS telling you to see Prabir and the Substitutes. To make matters worse, let's say you don't like to stay out late or deal with weekend mayhem.

We've got just the solution. Prabir and the Substitutes open at DC9 this Thursday, June 30 and they'll play early. Doors at 8:30 pm, show at 9:00 pm. That's early enough to enjoy a Thursday night out, which is the new Friday but without the crowds . Our adopted Richmond band will make you so happy that you will stay for Poor But Sexy and The XYZ Affair. The world's problems will become clear and with congressional recess pending you really need a break.

See how easy it is?


Friday, July 24, 2009

DC- More Cosmic Than You mIght Think

Considering what happened to Jupiter this week, this weekend maybe a good time to get out and see live music... while we can. Alice Despard, a star in my book has been a part of the DC music scene for many a moon now. In bands since she was a teen, she later launched one of my favorite clubs- The Galaxy Hut. These days Alice has other fish to fry which translates to infrequent gigs so when she plays, I go. This weekend, happily enough, there are TWO chances to see her:
SATURDAY evening Alice Despard Group is playing with The Lost Patrol at the New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt from 8-11. This from Alice:
"An intimate evening with The Lost Patrol, a sensuous spy/surf/psychedelia outfit from NYC. Alice Despard playing with Evan Pollack on drums. The food was made by Lebanese Taverna chefs last time we were there. We hope they are still making falafel."

And SUNDAY it's back to her old stomping ground on the OTHER side of our world The Galaxy Hut in Clarendon- same line up- different venue. Alice calls it "The Beltway Tour."

So now I'm thinking of the Beltway as DC's outer planetary ring-and all those cars just so much cosmic dust. The Hut and The New Deal satellites or maybe asteroids. On the other hand, maybe I'm thinking too much.
I'm worried about Jupiter.

Saturday Night on the Mothership

DC's like a cruise ship with lots of entertainment. You barely know how to choose. Two to consider this Saturday, and they're just blocks apart, are at the Velvet Lounge and the Black Cat.

I've got a 7 Doors Sedan problem, so you'll find me soaking up the sounds at the Velvet Lounge. There's no living in the past with this band, but its members hail from a fine DC music lineage. Check out Glenn in the White Boy photo below, still one of the most unique bands to launch from the DC Mothership and a profound influence on the scenes that emerged in the late 1970's -early 80's. Also on this bill are Nunchucks - representing a newer generation of talent that you shouldn't miss and New York's We The They "...part surfband part campfire song makers."

Over at the Black Cat you could check out the Black and Tan Fantasy Band opening for the Kenyan/rock fusion Extra Golden. Black and Tan are another act that draws from the crazy quilt of the DC scene. For example, Ashish Vyas is in Thievery Corporation, in my opinion a hometown gift to the world even more important than the halfsmoke. Jerry Busher hails from numerous bands including Fugazi. If you've got the stamina you could probably go back and forth and catch some great music just blocks apart.

In honor of George Clinton's birthday week, all we can say is pay tribute to the Mothership, stand up, go out and support local music and local clubs. They can't keep going without you.

Photo courtesy of Peter Muise

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beat the Heat With Billy Coulter

If you can't get to the beach this Friday evening, do the next best thing- grab a friend and check out Billy Coulter's beach party, part of Strathmore's backyard series, for literally award winning roots rock. (including five Wammies for 2008)
Or to quote Mark Noone of The Slickee Boys: "Original roots rock with an ass- kicking band. "
Only ten clams.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


What's going on Thursday? Very talented guys giving us a chance to hear free music in good old downtown Bethesda where, if you turn over a rock or two, you can still find places like Bruce's Variety and Tastee Diner- both time capsules of another era.
And GHz is part time capsule as well taking everybody on a trip down their psychedelic lane which reminds me-remember when you could actually drive both east and west on East West Highway without having to detour like now a days?

GHz will be playing 6-8 in what's left of Veteran's Park after they shaved it down to a concrete traffic island/oasis. I remember sitting there when there was only a bench or two, but it sure seemed a lot bigger back then. Or maybe I was smaller.

Monday, July 20, 2009

More Surf Scenes

photo by Linda Parker

It happened by happenstance- an impromptu Rhodes Tavern Troubadours Reunion featuring all four original members- Dave Chappell, Jake Flack, Jack O'Dell and Mark Noone- plus their good friend, Chris Watling on trusty sax. One of those blink and you missed it moments that make local live music so worthwhile. Fortunately Linda Parker caught this and many other great moments on film that night. Check out it out here at her photography site.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Scene From The Surf

There was no end to the talent on stage and off at the Surf Club last night which produced extraordinary combinations like the one pictured here: Bill Kirchen and Dave Chappell ...together! For more pictures of the night check out Chip Py the photo guy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Power Not Pop Punk Not In My Garage

Sleeper Agent sprang in part from Government Issue. Pup Tent is what often happens to boys in the morning. Caustic Casanova captures the alliteration award, and the only insects I would ever want anywhere near me would have to be The Beatnik Flies. All of this seeming jabberwocky actually transmogrifies into cosmic energy which then manifests itself as a really big show (as Uncle Ed used to say) or as Phil Duarte calls it "a snaggle tooth throw down" in a really small place this Saturday night at the Velvet Lounge on the now bustling byway better known as U Street.

Mister Joe Dolan warns this may be the last live Fly show for a while so come on out and ask the rag man what he means. (They plan to hit the stage round 10:00.)

in the present.
lieve in live music.
there or be
what else

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Heck, My TV Doesn't Work Anyway

Where do you want to be?
Home watching TV?

Or out helping good live music stay alive...
There's a lot of it this weekend:
Luke Brindley
will be at Jammin Java both Friday and Saturday.
If you lean more towards dancing in the great outdoors- check out Chopteeth Friday night at Strathmore.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rock The Chappell

When Dave Chappell was in the Rhodes Tavern Troubadours, my daughter used to call him "the angry man", but I think it was because he was and is one serious guitar player. I've seen Dave in a lot of bands over the years, and I don't think I've ever been at a show that someone doesn't turn to me and say: (somewhat like Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy)

"Who IS that guy?

He is one talented man still waiting (like too many of us) for a decent national health care plan. Dave's back in the saddle music wise, but please come out and help him pay down his recent medical bills. Twenty bucks for a whole lot of "who's who" in local music. (Click on the poster if you can't read the line up. It's impressive.)

evening 8 p.m. at SURF CLUB LIVE.

And please note that the Surf Club will be changing formats so this may be one of the last rock shows for the foreseeable future. DC ROCKS sends a big thank you out to JB for giving this place and local music a second chance.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Here today- gone tomorrow.
What a way to see out the Summer 2009-catch The Slickee Boys Reunion
September 4th at The Black Cat.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yes I Jam by Lyn2

I've always bristled at the word "jam," and while I definitely discovered my inner Dead Head over the years I never really got into any of the "jam bands" that cropped up. But I've got to say, one part of what 7 Door Sedan is doing is jamming. The other part is infused with rock, glam and psychedelic over and undertones that keep me coming back for more. Feed your ears this Saturday night July 11 at the Surf Club. Also playing are Nunchucks, who are great except every time I see them I get "Good Morning Sentry" stuck in my head for two months. You can hear it at their link. XMC are ex-Holy Rollers, Meatmen, Hyaa and Negative Approach and are on my go-see list.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This Dog Can Hunt

Road Dog debuted last month when they opened up for King Soul at Surf Club, but you wouldn't know they were a "new" band to listen to them. They don't sound like a new band or play like a new band or act like a new band. You'd think they'd been rocking for years, and that's because the band members have- just not under this name. And the energy is there to make old songs sound new. Check out the link or better yet check out the band this Friday night at Chapala's out in Burtonsville which, according to my sources, is a Mexican/Salvadorian eatery by day and a club at night. The cover is low- there's an opening band called CTC at 9 and Road Dog will play two sets.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


(pic courtesy of John Hansen)

Some people go for the free music. Some go for the scene which ranges from little kids playing ball to teenagers lurking behind the stage to the grandparents and parents that remember shows from way back when to yes, robots, gorillas and over sized bananas. Some are hoping for the Good Humor truck or to discover a new favorite band, but whatever you go for it's unquestionably the coolest place to be in DC and you never know what you'll see- Monday and Thursday evenings.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

When is a Ballroom Just A Room?

The Grandsons are swinging all the time, but especially so tonight when they will be playing a swing dance at the Chevy Chase Ballroom. If you are thinking like I do when you hear the word ballroom though, then think again. It's not exactly a Cinderella type place. (And I'm not even sure that it's even in Chevy Chase.) It's basically a honking large room with mirrored walls and plenty of room to shake a leg over one of my favorite DC shops- Paul's Liquor Store on Wisconsin Avenue between Tenleytown and Friendship Heights. The dance starts at 9 with a free lesson at 8:30. (Admission $15)