Friday, July 24, 2009

DC- More Cosmic Than You mIght Think

Considering what happened to Jupiter this week, this weekend maybe a good time to get out and see live music... while we can. Alice Despard, a star in my book has been a part of the DC music scene for many a moon now. In bands since she was a teen, she later launched one of my favorite clubs- The Galaxy Hut. These days Alice has other fish to fry which translates to infrequent gigs so when she plays, I go. This weekend, happily enough, there are TWO chances to see her:
SATURDAY evening Alice Despard Group is playing with The Lost Patrol at the New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt from 8-11. This from Alice:
"An intimate evening with The Lost Patrol, a sensuous spy/surf/psychedelia outfit from NYC. Alice Despard playing with Evan Pollack on drums. The food was made by Lebanese Taverna chefs last time we were there. We hope they are still making falafel."

And SUNDAY it's back to her old stomping ground on the OTHER side of our world The Galaxy Hut in Clarendon- same line up- different venue. Alice calls it "The Beltway Tour."

So now I'm thinking of the Beltway as DC's outer planetary ring-and all those cars just so much cosmic dust. The Hut and The New Deal satellites or maybe asteroids. On the other hand, maybe I'm thinking too much.
I'm worried about Jupiter.

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