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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yes I Jam by Lyn2

I've always bristled at the word "jam," and while I definitely discovered my inner Dead Head over the years I never really got into any of the "jam bands" that cropped up. But I've got to say, one part of what 7 Door Sedan is doing is jamming. The other part is infused with rock, glam and psychedelic over and undertones that keep me coming back for more. Feed your ears this Saturday night July 11 at the Surf Club. Also playing are Nunchucks, who are great except every time I see them I get "Good Morning Sentry" stuck in my head for two months. You can hear it at their link. XMC are ex-Holy Rollers, Meatmen, Hyaa and Negative Approach and are on my go-see list.

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