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Friday, July 24, 2009

Saturday Night on the Mothership

DC's like a cruise ship with lots of entertainment. You barely know how to choose. Two to consider this Saturday, and they're just blocks apart, are at the Velvet Lounge and the Black Cat.

I've got a 7 Doors Sedan problem, so you'll find me soaking up the sounds at the Velvet Lounge. There's no living in the past with this band, but its members hail from a fine DC music lineage. Check out Glenn in the White Boy photo below, still one of the most unique bands to launch from the DC Mothership and a profound influence on the scenes that emerged in the late 1970's -early 80's. Also on this bill are Nunchucks - representing a newer generation of talent that you shouldn't miss and New York's We The They "...part surfband part campfire song makers."

Over at the Black Cat you could check out the Black and Tan Fantasy Band opening for the Kenyan/rock fusion Extra Golden. Black and Tan are another act that draws from the crazy quilt of the DC scene. For example, Ashish Vyas is in Thievery Corporation, in my opinion a hometown gift to the world even more important than the halfsmoke. Jerry Busher hails from numerous bands including Fugazi. If you've got the stamina you could probably go back and forth and catch some great music just blocks apart.

In honor of George Clinton's birthday week, all we can say is pay tribute to the Mothership, stand up, go out and support local music and local clubs. They can't keep going without you.

Photo courtesy of Peter Muise

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