Thursday, January 29, 2009

Due to my son's sixteenth birthday TODAY this will be short and sweet:
Two shows Saturday night- Beatnik Flies and gang at Velvet Lounge
and the Buddy Holly Tribute with a veritable galaxy of local stars at The Surf Club.
At least won't tip the boat over if we divide ourselves up between shows.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If you can't make it to the Beatniks Flies show at the Velvet Lounge this Saturday, you might want to check out the breakUps at the Rock and Roll Hotel on FRIDAY. (or better yet- go to both and compare musical notes) I haven't seen the breakUps, but their grinding sort of sixties rock sound has me intrigued, and sometimes reminds me of the Flies. Check 'em out on myspace to see what I mean.  Plus there's a great fish sandwich lurking around the corner at Horace Dickey's on 12th Street. Or the french fries and mussels at Dr. Granvilles. (Gotta keep up your strength if you're going to dance.)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inaugural Inspiration

I liked this musing from Wayne Kahn of Right On Rhythm:

"Where we find ourselves today
Remember that it was MUSIC that led the way.
It was the musicians (and those that supported them)
on both sides of the racial divide
That pushed open those very first doors.
Doors that would only open grudgingly.
And then might temporarily close again
Only to be forced back open
And society slowly opened ensuing doors
Doors that the
Jackie Robinsons
Jessie Owens
Thurgood Marshalls
Shirley Chisolms
Barack Obamas
could find their way through
That mingles the masses
Breaks down walls & barriers
That finds common ground
And then society catches up


It was incredible being on the Mall."

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Indoor Venues Good

The only good thing about this weather is that it gives me a profound appreciation for all things Summer. Plus it makes me grateful for the simpler things in life like four walls and radiators. So if you need to give your senses an attitude adjustment try going out and in again. Once again I've got ONE night - Sunday January 18-and TWO shows to reccomend. Jammin' Java is having the Azalea City showcase which includes solid acts like Ruthie And The Wranglers, Jon Carroll and many more.
And across the river in another galaxy called Silver Spring don't forget the Pup Tent Gang with Sister Ex and Tru Fax at the Quarry House.

Not all bridges will be open!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Got Plans?

Are you ready For The Big Day? Do you know what your plans are? No? Join the club. As the inuguration of our 44th and most exciting president looms but five days away- two songs keep running through my head-Nirvana's "Come As You Are" and The Temptations "Ball of Confusion"। (Great psychedelic link there.)

It sounds like the whole thing is going to be just insane. You can take the Metro, but you know it will be a complete madhouse- just look at a "normal" rush hour. The governor of Maryland,
Martin O' Malley has asked everybody to take alternate routes and stay off the Beltway on Tuesday. (Stay off the Beltway? I could write an essay on that for "This I Believe") I heard bike riding is encouraged, but bikes are not allowed in the "security zones." (Ball of confused, yet?) And unless you are an awfully big wig, plans are something you're better off NOT making which should be good news for all you non committal man types. On the other hand-remember the day after the election- all the hotels in Washington "sold out? Well, no more. According to today's Washington Express- there are plenty of rooms available.
Lyn2 planned all her logistical moves around her house being rented, but now it seems that won't be happening. She wasn't planning to go to a ball... until yesterday when she found out that she probably is. I thought the concert at the Lincoln Memorial sounded like a good bet, but this morning my son told me he heard on the radio that "they" are saying don't go unless you are invited.
I checked the official Inaugeration website. Gates open at 8 a.m. (Gates? Remember when there were no stinking gates?) Concert starts at 2:30. (Frostbite should set in around noon.) The good news is you can bring a bag as long as it doesn't exceed 6"X 4"X 8."

"Come, as you are. As you were.
As I want you to be. As a friend.
As a friend. As an old enemy. Take your time.
Hurry up. The choice is yours. Don't be late..."

So that's my plan. What's yours?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Homegrown Hero In Reverse by Hometown Girl Lyn2

In DC we're proud of homegrown musicians who make us proud when they make it in the bigger- Chuck Brown, Henry Rollins, Thievery Corporation.... just to name a diverse few. Lots of people can live here a long time and still not meet the "homegrown" test, but that seems not to be the case with the New Boss, President-in-7 Days, Barack Obama. One trip to Ben's Chili Bowl for a chili half-smoke, and he's a DC Guy already according to the local news stations. I'm cool with that, especially since he chose the half-smoke - a delicacy we can rightfully call our own. Jamie Cramer suggests that if DC ever gets its own quarter, it should feature a half-smoke.

Speaking of Jamie Cramer and Barack Obama, on Sunday night you can celebrate the impending inauguration of the latter by checking out Jamie on bass with Tru Fax and the Insaniacs at the Quarry House. They're with Puptent and Sister Ex in the "Light at the End of the Tunnel" show, which you can still make after you go down to the Lincoln Memorial for the star-studded Inauguration Welcome event featuring Bruce Springsteen. (I shall now call him the Old Boss.)

What better way to celebrate this welcome and historic peaceful transfer of power than rocking out with 3 bands - full of homegrown talent. Puptent promises to have some new songs and a righteous attitude. Having rocked us through a lot of administrations good and bad (mostly bad), Tru Fax is sure to be in fine form-and- if you haven't seen Sister Ex who hit the scene last year- it's about time that you did.

This writer is sure the crowd and three of her favorite bands will be jazzed. She's also glad that the most awesome Sylvia Becker can come to celebrate her birthday that night. As for Michael Hennessey, he won't be celebrating his birthday that night even though it's this week but he will still be dancing. Don't ask questions, just do what Hen says.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dsepard Deprived?

Alice Despard fans take note: Alice will be performing solo tonight-at 7:30 p।m.- for the songwriter's circle thing at DCAC Theater on 18th Street in Adams Morgan.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Hall Brothers Live and In Person

(photo by LC)

Chick Hall's Surf Club- I still run into a lot of people who are confused because of all the hoopla that went on when it "closed." Yes, the original Chick Hall's did go away as the family business run by the Hall family, but the good news is the new owners have kept it going as a local music venue under the name Surf Club Live. If you haven't been, check out the website and see all the talent that has passed through there in the past year- diligently documented by new owner JB. It's still a down home place with a large dance floor, pool tables, an enormous bar and a really good sound system.
Meanwhile The Hall Brothers might have left the headaches of owning a club behind, but they haven't stopped the music. Both Chick Hall Jr. and his brother, Chris have been on the music scene inside and out for many moons, and they are phenomenal players. They'll be appearing this Friday night at the College Park American Legion Hall from 8:30-11:30 p.m. Plenty of room to dance and catch local legends of the honky tonk rock scene in action.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Do These Guys Look Familiar?

If you were hanging out at the Wheaton Youth Center on January 20, 1969, local film maker Jeff Krulik is looking for you. Legend has it that this is where Led Zeppelin landed on their first American tour. Check out Jeff's on going film project on Youtube. I don't know where I was back then, but I know I didn't make it to the show. My life revolved around critical matters like not doing my homework in hopes that school would close for a snow day, and the C and O Canal would freeze hard enough to go ice skating. 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year DC!

(RMB Columbia Station-1978)
DC Rocks is slacking off this week in view of the holidays, but here are a few shows to check out if you are still alive and restless for GOOD music. Greenland is at the Red and The Black this Friday night- a good chance to check out a relatively new scene on H Street, and a relatively young band that has got it- good original songs and talent. 
Saturday night the DC household name band which rocked us in the '70s- The Rosslyn Mountain Boys- (not goats this time) will be At The State Theater along with another DC staples The Nighthawks AND The Charlottesville All Stars.(Anybody remember Durty Nelly's?) This will be a killer show that doesn't need promoting here!
Also on Saturday- get your dancing shoes and your Mardi Gras mood on early-The Grandsons and Little Red and The Renegades will take over Surf Club for all you swinging cats who know what it means to miss New Orleans.