Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Happy Halloween from all the squirrels at DC ROCKS. Here's November's calendar so far.  Please revise at will. 



Lung / Kosheri/ Tone @ Dangerous  Pies

Mick's Jaguar/ Fuzz Queen/Capital Offender @ Slash Run


King Soul @ Villain and Saint

Bobby Smith Band @ Takoma VFW

Rhodes Tavern Troubadours @ Takoma VFW


Rock-A- Sonics @ JVs


The Nighthawks @ JVs

Last Waltz Tribute @ The Hamilton

The Apple Core  @ Jammin' Java

On the Bus/ The Bob Band @ Villain and Saint


Weird Babies/ Venray and Makeup Girl @ Galaxy Hut


Highballers@ Hill Country


Beverly Bros @ Takoma VFW


Nighthawks/ Skip Castro Band @ State Theater


Janis Joplin and Jimmi Hendrix Tribute @ Wolftrap Barns


The Thrillbillys @ Takoma VFW


Black Masala @ Villain and Saint

Thursday, October 25, 2018

E. A. Poe- A True Story

Once upon a time my friend Paul was commissioned to sculpt a bust of Beethoven for a small college in Vermont. He had never shoved anything that big into a kiln before so he made a spare head- just in case Ludvig exploded. Another friend - Bad Bob- lived in Richmond at the time and thought the spare statue should become Edgar Alan Poe, so Paul obliged. Being men, neither thought much beyond that moment. Bad Bob lived in a studio apartment in Richmond, and Paul lived on a farm in Maine so Mister Poe patiently waited in the barnyard for a few years before I came along and admired the abandoned project. To my surprise, the next time Paul came for a visit,  he brought along a two hundred pound house warming present which is how Edgar Alan Poe came to live in Washington, D.C.

Having Poe in my yard does come in handy - especially around this time of year. For instance once Annabell Lee and Poe Junior dropped in which was a definite treat.

Another time a neighbor knocked on my door and asked if I would consider adopting a raven that lived in Pittsburg.  (These things happen when Poe lives in your front yard.) I have to admit I thought about it, but the bird ended up being able to stay with his folks in Pennsylvania.

Ravens are fairly hard to spot around here unless you go to the zoo which is where  Iris the Resident Raven lives and occasionally paints.  I have always liked the aviary there. Back in the day, I thought it was one of the most romantic places to meet someone in town.

Other places to meet up this weekend include a myriad of musical choices. Friday David Goodfriend's newest project the Beverly Brothers will whoop up a happy hour show at JV's, and   King Soul will haunt the Takoma VFW on Saturday.  And all you grown up trick or treaters not visiting Poe can catch The Thrillbillys at JV's on Halloween night.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Peace Like a River

I've been thinking lately about where to find peace in our town. The obvious haunts come to mind right away- Hains Point, Rock Creek Park and the Arboretum. But I've also got my favorite hidey-holes like the Bishop's Garden behind the Cathedral where you can ponder life in outdoor rooms.  Down in Georgetown, I used to get a sandwich and a soda at Harold's Deli on M Street and picnic in the back yard of the Old Stone House. The deli is long gone, but the beautifully kept garden is still there. Over in Anacostia there's that magnificent view from Frederick Douglas' front yard,  but my favorite part of the property is the man cave he once called The Growlery. Here's a picture of WPA workers fixing the roof in the 1930s.

Mr. Douglas had his space tricked out simply with a desk and a couch so he could think and write. Or write and think.  Since then the Park Service had to replace the original building with a replica of the tiny cabin without the furnishings, but it's still a beautiful place.

Finding serenity downtown can be more of a challenge, but once a month the Luce Unplugged Concert Series takes place on the third floor of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and it's happening again this Friday. Here's the word from Andras Fekete of Boat Burning:

"This free concert will transform the soaring atrium which features vaulted ceilings, multi-tiered balconies, sweeping glass surfaces and deep recesses into a fully-immersive, walk-around sonic installation. Audience members are invited to wander the space during the performance to experience the aural effects from different angles. The October showcase will feature the ambient, synthesized tunes of AARON LEITKO and the maximal minimalism of BOAT BURNING's experimental rock."

I like being "invited to wander the space" for this sonic extravaganza as I have a hard time sitting still for anything. Plus - bonus- there's a free 3 Star beer tasting plus snacks for sale. Music starts at 6.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Deep Fall

Enough with the warm weather already. I know a lot of you get depressed around this time of year. Somebody I know even refers to falling leaves as "harbingers of death," but I dig the colors.

Plus I like Halloween and all the goofy decorations around town.

I was rereading George Pelecanos' Hell To Pay last week when I ran across this rather relevant paragraph featuring a favorite reoccurring character Derek Strange:

Soon the colors would change in Rock Creek Park. And then would come those weeks near Thanksgiving when the weather turned for real and the leaves were still coming down off the trees. Strange had his own name for it: deep fall. It was his favorite time of year in D.C.

This weekend it sounds like we will get our first real taste of Autumn with a high of 63 and a low of 48 predicted for tomorrow. And those cooler temps might actually kick our trees into gear. Hopefully the rain will clear out by Saturday in time for the H Street Festival which is a magnificent spread of food and music and stuff. Also over at the Wharf which is always buzzing on the weekends, King Soul will be playing for FREE.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Drown Out the Noise

Usually I am a news hound, but the trauma of last week's hearings made me snap off the radio now and then.  For my own sanity I found myself cranking up my own mix tapes- blaring songs from long ago.  I'm still having the heebie - jeebies, but I have taken a stab at DC ROCKS' October's calendar and would welcome more input. As far as this weekend goes the Takoma Park Street Festival is always fun- full of music with three different stages and numerous bands. Here's a few photos from past street fests over the years.

First off there are no cars which is always a plus:

And don't forget to drag along the kids before they are too big to drag-

although some kids never get too old (!)



Thrillbillys @ JV


Valentine Slim @ Takoma VFW

Black Masala @ Pearl Street Warehouse

Lunch With Bob @ Takoma VFW

Takoma Street Fest

Rock -A- Sonics @ JV matinee


Dave Chappell and Anthony Pirog Band @ JV


Rhodes Tavern Troubadours @ Takoma VFW


Hula Monsters @ Villain and Saint


H Street Festival

King Soul @ Pearl St Warehouse free matinee!

Thrillbillys and guests @ JV


The Toasters/ Caz Gardiner/ Free Lobster Buffet @Dangerous Pies


Beverly Bros. @ Takoma VFW


Bold Deceivers @ Takoma VFW


Dave Chappell @ JV 

Easter Island / Color Palette @ Dangerous Pies


Beverly Bros @ JV 

27 King Soul @ Takoma VFW

Spooky 31

Thrillbillys @ JV

The Independents w/ Glenmont Popes and Children of October @ Dangerous Pies