Wednesday, August 26, 2015

No News Is What It Is

It's been over a month since I heard the news. Any news. Normally I am a bit of a NPR junkie flipping on an audio trail of radios all over the house from the time I wake up until I can't take it anymore around 7 p.m. Traveling overseas completely severed this routine except for one morning in Paris when we woke up to an inordinate amount of helicopter noise. I jumped on the internet just to make sure nothing major had happened near the Eiffel tower where we staying, but the only 'breaking news' I could find centered on a vacationing couple who had inadvertently left behind their three year old  in a rest stop en route to Marseille.

In Greece, I didn't hear any news, but, despite the overwhelming financial problems there, my cousins were very worried about Donald Trump being elected. I had to reassure them that this was only a vuvouzela chorus of pre election weirdness. (And as my good friend Anne would say, babies not even conceived of yet will be born before November 2016)

And so my little self imposed boycott goes on. I remain not woefully but deliberately ignorant for now, listening to music instead, and since DC ROCKS rarely offers riffs on the news, the lack of breaking updates in my brain should make no difference here.

That being said this weekend's forecast is sunny and musical. Check DC ROCKS' side bar calendar for bands playing everything from pool parties to night clubs starting with Dave Chappell at JV's Thursday night to an early gig with Goin' Goin' Gone, Ruthie and the Wranglers and more this Sunday afternoon at Sligo Cafe.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Return of a Native

photo by Mark A Noone

Greetings Readers

After flying all day from the future which was morning in Paris through a time warp somewhere over Greenland to what I think is six hours in the past here in Washington DC, I think I am back..
(at least my body is here- just don't ask me what time it is)

Where is everybody?

Hello? Anyone there?

I know where you are.

Places like Maine, Ocean City, the mountains- anywhere but here in town. But it's nice in DC with so many people gone away- especially all those pesky politicians and their minions, and, as long as you don't venture down to the tourist spots, we're left with lots more places to park. Hard to believe that in   about a week the DC schools will be back in session, and traffic will snarl anew.

For those of you still hanging around, Chip Py, occasional DC ROCKS photographer, has a gig tomorrow evening at Martin Luther King Library about his adventures in the go-go world which include documenting the sadly late but always great Chuck Brown.