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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Return of a Native

photo by Mark A Noone

Greetings Readers

After flying all day from the future which was morning in Paris through a time warp somewhere over Greenland to what I think is six hours in the past here in Washington DC, I think I am back..
(at least my body is here- just don't ask me what time it is)

Where is everybody?

Hello? Anyone there?

I know where you are.

Places like Maine, Ocean City, the mountains- anywhere but here in town. But it's nice in DC with so many people gone away- especially all those pesky politicians and their minions, and, as long as you don't venture down to the tourist spots, we're left with lots more places to park. Hard to believe that in   about a week the DC schools will be back in session, and traffic will snarl anew.

For those of you still hanging around, Chip Py, occasional DC ROCKS photographer, has a gig tomorrow evening at Martin Luther King Library about his adventures in the go-go world which include documenting the sadly late but always great Chuck Brown.

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