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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

All You Need Is LOve

(Tom Terrrell and Bill Warrell @ The 9:30 party)

What better way to have a good time than to start
a bar in 1977... have a reunion thirty years later
and invite all those people that made it happen?
Thank you Bill Warrell, for making this whole scene possible.
And how great it was to see Tom Terrell who was being
chased around all night by family, fans and friends alike.

This was the real DC.

People got there early and stayed late.
Laura Fasulka came all the way from New Jersey.
Some people came from just down the street, but
we never each other anymore, but that's what
reunions are all about.
Here's just a little of what went on Sunday at the 9:30 Club:
(And thank you Seth and Rich for giving up the place for "space")

See that beautiful woman with the water bottle?
That's Dodie DiSanto- a founder of the original
9:30, talking to Michael Beil. Susan and Cort
next to her and Boyd at the bar.

And below- Laura, who used to go to all
the Troublefunk shows with me,
Susan, from the ticket window at the ole joint, and
Milo of golden WHFS days.

Another great thing was the photo booth
where Charles Steck did a brisk business.
(See the Beatnik Flies getting their picture
behind Alberto And Laura?)

Here's Jean, you may have seen her lurking around
the new 9:30 Club as the bar manager, but she was
a pillar at dc space back in the day, and Ruthie
of Ruthie and The Wranglers getting ready to play.

You could catch people on stage like Mark Noone
and The Beatnik Flies...

and you could catch 'em off-
Marie, a bartender from the ole 9:30 and
Mark, an incredibly steady customer.

Kenny from The Beatnik Flies
and PHil from Puptent.

Eric and Rick used to man the door at the old club.

The best thing about this event was it was an act of love.
It wasn't about who you were or who you are or who
you know. Everybody who came brought
something to the party,
and gave it away to someone who need it more.

Thanks ...everybody.


  1. much like I thought...

    other than the names and the faces of the doormen...
    I do not think I would have recognized anyone

    I was young
    and well
    focused on other things

    glad they had that event
    it is good for people to get to revisit such things

    make me want to pull out my Vinyl
    most of which I think should go on eBay

  2. What was the name of that last song Martha Hull sang?

  3. Where was Jonny Cohen?

  4. Check out my Tom Terrell Photo Blog with my photos from the dc space reunion. thanks, Jeff (friend of Tom Terrell's from Howard University days)