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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And The Bands Played On

Here's just a tiny sample of the great bands that
turned out for Tom Terrell and the dc space reunion
Sunday night. As promised the performances started
in the late afternoon and ended around 1:30 a.m.-
running over time only about 25 minutes.
It was unbelievable efficiency in action.
Hats off to the crew at 9:30!

The legend that is ... Chuck Brown.

As promised Tiny Desk Unit virtually reunited
with Michael Barron on the West Coast. Bob Boilen
is playing and working a tiny Mac, while Susan Mumford
How cool is that?

The Howling Mad with Michael Reidy who can still
deliver a band with energy from outside this universe.

The Beatnik Flies and Mark Noone played together like
they've been doing it forever (which they kind of have
though not with each other)

I'm leaving tons of people out because I was too busy yacking.
If anyone has good pictures- send 'em to me.

All present gave their all- and all were proof positive
that you're never too old to rock this town.

1 comment:

  1. I remember seeing the Slickee Boys at Fort Reno
    they were part of an earlier wave of dc music than I was listening to

    but I always had an appreciation
    I am certain I have a few singles from them

    A Brain that Refused to Die or something to that effect

    maybe some Velvet Monkeys too...

    no 9353 or Beatneck Flies... although I remember their flyers were everywhere

    GI and Iron Cross were the house acts when I was a teenager

    Minor Threat was the band to see...

    then the Summer Revolution created some music I still listen to these days