Friday, July 13, 2007

Roll Over Beethoven/New Music @ The Velvet Lounge

(That's Ra Ra Rasputin pictured here.)

Earlier this month, when The Beatnik Flies played Sangha, I mentioned Joe Dolan's girls were there dancing, and now turn about's fair play. Joe's daughter, Hayley is in a band called The X Husbands, and they'll be at The Velvet Lounge tomorrow night, opening for Ra Ra Rasputin. Hayley gave me the lowdown on their music:

"The Husbands, Andrew Bucket and Haley Baptiste, prove you don't have to be Yngwie Malmsteen to write a perfect pop song. The Husbands are a punk-folk duo that write songs in the spirit of Shoegaze and neo-psychadelic bands of yesteryear: Beat Happening, Mazzy Star, Lou Reed and the Velvets. Their first E.P is called Shoes and it cost absolutely nothing to record.

what goes here?
Ra Ra Rasputin is what would have happened
if Belle & Sebastian were influenced less by Felt and more by Talking Heads. (circa Fear of Music/Remain in Light). Throw in a little Orange Juice, The Rapture and early New Order and you've pretty much got it.
Oh, and we like to dance. And not in a restrained and ironic way either."

( OK I have to admit, I'm not following all that, but I'm willing to spring my friends from the nursing home, and go give it a try.)

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