Sunday, July 22, 2007

High Jinks with Prabir and the boys

Prabir and the Substitutes did it again at The Galaxy Hut last night.
Man, those guys can move, and play and sing. They practically vibrate. They've got ants in their pants. They're the Beatles on steroids. Don't look now, but the key board player is standing on the windowsill knocking into the big letters that spell "HUT". The rail thin guitar player's legs are moving as fast as his shredding hands. Prabir doesn't take any prisoners. He and the Substitutes have more fun than their audience, though I'm laughing my head off, and the door man has a huge grin. Then, suddenly, they stop and step into the crowd to sing "Everybody Falls In Love With You" a cappella, as calmly and as beautifully as choir boys. And everybody listens. Then it's back to their high jinks- full throttle. My only complaint- the set was too short. More More More!

And don't forget Alice Despard at the Hut tonight. Trust her to make your Sunday .

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