Monday, July 23, 2007

Did It Start With the Grapes?

Doug Dupin does things a little differently than most people. When he dreams things up, he actually makes them happen. When he bought a house with a large side yard in the Palisades, he didn't just plant a garden, he created a vineyard. The vineyard led to wanting a wine cellar and that led to grabbing a shovel. When he got down four or five feet, he started noticing artifacts. As he was literally digging up history, he wanted to know more. That was when Doug discovered that there wasn't a lot of information about the prehistory of the Palisades. This lack of data didn't stop Doug. In fact, it egged him on. He dug his wine cellar and built a sort of a cabin on top, and now that building (a piece of art in itself) is the home to the Palisades Museum of Prehistory. With help from a neighbor, Murphy Donovan, he created an exhibit and held an opening for the neighborhood last winter- complete with local experts and his home brewed beer.
The museum is open by appointment only. If you want to go, fire off an email to:
Also, Doug is giving an archeology talk about Palisades Park tomorrow night, July 24th, at 7 p.m. in the Palisades Library. Check him out. (And stay tuned for a report on his long board business... did I mention he is also a father of 3?)

Doug Dupin, Director

Hard at work at the museum.

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