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Saturday, July 7, 2007

D.C. Politics

D.C.'s official parade wound through my neighborhood on July Fourth-anyone and everyone can be in it, and they are- from a Safeway tractor trailer to some nobody with U.S. flags flying from the mirrors of their SUV. (Get Al Gore on the phone.) A perennial candidate for attention-a wild woman named Faith- as always riding a horse and blowing a bugle in her usual red white and blue spangled outfit. (She dated Marlon Brando once. True story!) Every one's favorite band, The Different Drummers with their rainbow flag waving always wakes the crowd up. Mayor Adrian Fenty was there, which was unusual for a non election year- so hat's off to him. Also one of my daughter's good friends, who is running for President. Check out his first lady. Plus he has an entourage in the truck behind him. Come to think of it, he would probably do a much better job- even at the tender age of seventeen, than the current guy in office. (True story!)

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