Monday, July 16, 2007

Ra Ra X- Husbands

The Velvet Lounge had a lot of energy going on Saturday night, and it was packed when The X- Husbands played, and even more packed for Ra Ra Rasputin. Us old folks in the audience had to line up against the knee wall, so we wouldn't get knocked over, but Joe Dolan, of The Beatnik Flies (aka Daddy- O) went up there and rocked with the X-Husbands- playing drums for them which made us fogies proud. (Some of us ain't dead yet.)

And it was all hands on deck when they were joined by Hayley's sister, Theresa on maracas and one of the Rasputins. To everybody that missed it- you gotta get out more. Later this month, catch the Beatnik Flies at the 9:30 Club's
DC Space Reunion- July 29th.

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