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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Quarry House Holds ON

I've had some odd jobs in my life, but one of them was painting the steps that lead down to the Quarry House in Silver Spring which is still a hold out from the infringing new and improved Silver Sprung. I met friends in a bar last week in the newer section and after parking on the fourth floor and squeezing into a freight sized elevator with a gazillion people, we unloaded into the now infamous, formerly forbidden, photography zone- otherwise known as the new pedestrian mall. (I have to stop here and thank Chip Py for squawking about this no photo thing, and actually doing something about it.) Anyway a band was playing, and lots of new chain stores have happily attracted throngs. Not exactly my cup of tea. So I'm glad that Jackie bought the Quarry House and left it relatively unscathed so far. A basement bar- it can only be described as a hole in the wall with tater tots and now an extensive (and can be expensive) beer list, but it's still a dive, and I like it like that. The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours are playing tomorrow night. Check it out.

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