Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday

"Friday- it's Friday Gotta get down on Friday..."

Yes, that's from the uber- annoying song made famous by Rebecca Black. If you have a kid around,  you might have had this tune inserted into your brain, and can't get it out. In our house, the ear worm was administered by my ten year son singing falsetto, complete with a dance routine.

What may be even more annoying is all the hype surrounding Black Friday due to FFS. (Frantic Shopping Syndrome) Remember when George Bush Junior told us to shop our way out of  9-11? Well, we ought to have enough stuff by now. The only thing I would consider purchasing on Friday is a deeply discounted turkey. Or tickets to a rock show.

So consider Friday as the perfect time to turn your back on the mall and go out to the Barns of Wolf Trap for The Grandsons' annual show with Derek Huston winging his way in from New Orleans.

Or you could take yourself downtown and meet up with a bunch of old 9:30 Club types at the Black Cat for the big reunion with American Corpse FlowerSister-Ex and Throwdown Syndicate. Our old pal, Freak Fred will be back in town for this ear plug worthy show which pays tribute to beloved DC music man, the late Tom Terrell.

Last but not least The Nighthawks and Skip Castro are over at the State Theater- a great place to see live music brought to you by seasoned pros.

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