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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Winner On Eighteenth Street

Though we're not big on sports here at DC Rocks - this review from good friend and sports fan, jholbax, gave us food for thought:

"I still find it hard to speak about the Phillies loss in the first round. I watched a lot of those games, as well as many other of my favorite teams games at Ventnor, a little slice of Philadelphia on 18th Street N.W.  To me, the place has always been very friendly. They have a knack for hiring fun staff, the food is good, and Philly Phans Phlock there, so it's always easy to talk to anyone at the bar. 
Now to why I am writing about this place: I was really hungry. One of the reasons I stopped in there was because they have this great pigs-in-the blanket appetizer. I ordered a Bud and the pigs.  Catherine, the bartender, says, "Ahhh we just took them off the menu."  I am crushed and ask for a menu.  She gives it to me, and I peruse. I see "Fried Lobster Mac."  Ask the bartender about it- she says get it. I do. 
Mac and cheese with lump lobster, seemingly formed by an ice cream scoop, and then deep fried lightly with a really nice bread crumby crust.  Ladies and Gentlemen - may I present the newest best plate on 18th St.  It is fantastic and only $11."

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