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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rain on Me

Photo courtesy of DC Rocks

Is it me or is everyone extra jittery about storms this summer? Ever since the Derecho hit town, I've been hearing warning after warning about the possibility of severe weather. There's even an electronic sign in my neighborhood cautioning "beware of standing water." Really? Where???

Meanwhile my yard in D.C. is crisper than a fresh Oreo. The weeds are wilting. My grass- what's left of it- has the consistency of a Pringles potato chip. The only living beings undaunted by the ohthisisn'treallyglobalwarmng-it's justanaturalcycle thing are the mosquitos arriving daily by the cloud.

But once again I digress from the true mission of DC ROCKS which is to rout out good cheap fun.

This week look into JV's Thursday when Dan Hovey will be wielding his mosquito repelling ax.  Finding JV's is a challenge, but two or three go rounds with your GPS should get you to 6666 Arlington Boulevard in this far flung corner of Falls Church. (DC and Maryland people will recoil here visualizing Satan, but if Hovey- a Maryland man himself, can get over there, so can you.) Once there you will have an extremely personal relationship with the band. The stage clears the door by about two feet, and is no more than a dart's throw from the back wall. Superb guitar playing will erase those tremors experienced while weathering the Black Hole they call Seven Corners, and a stiff drink might buck you up for the ride home.

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