Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sweden Prepares To Rock DC

DC ROCKS freely admits its name was lifted from an anthem Ian Hunter wrote for Cleveland, Ohio,  and, accordingly, this site tries to cover DC people doing DC things. But that doesn't always translate on Google. Often bands ask to be written up because they are playing in DC and not from DC. This tiny office can't handle that much music, but when Swedish band One Inch Giant found this blog and asked if we would post about their gig, an exception had to be made for these three reasons:

1. To promote diplomacy and good will on Earth, not to mention world peace.

2. Might be an educational opportunity to find out what Sweden has to offer besides Volvos, Ikea and meatballs. (oh and massages)

3. This band is coming all the way from Sweden to play a small, very local dive bar with a great roof top.  The least we can do is be there to welcome them.

One Inch Giant will be at DC9 with local band Auroboros  this Thursday.

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