Friday, August 5, 2016

Be True to Your Old School

It seems like a dream that I once stood on top of a two story parking garage next to Shakey's Pizza in Bethesda for the view. I think that same evening a friend and I scratched our initials in the newly paved alley after a pitcher or so. (Back then the drinking age was casual.) Now I can't hardly place where anything was, but a recent article in Bethesda magazine, "When Bethesda Was Cool," stirred up all kinds of memories from the Red Fox Inn to Twist and Shout.

This Saturday- the psychedelic spirits will rise again in the form of The Vi-Kings. (a rocking band named after Walt Whitman High's mascot) at Viallain and Saint near the still unchanged Farm Women's Market.

Make a night of it with a milk shake at Tastee Diner and a cruise up the Pike to catch the last set of  Monsters From the Surf who will be tearing up Hank Dietle's- another fine establishment in the category of hold outs.

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