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Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Message from the Action Man

I still don't want to think about David Bowie not being on this planet here with us. When I hear his songs now, I feel a beat of sadness at first, but then the music takes over, and I appreciate him all the more. I don't think I realized how over the top popular Bowie was before he died.  After all, he was always on the edge, never mainstream, but his talent and energy are such that it seems like anyone and everyone can find a song that speaks to them- especially the misfits amongst us which pretty much includes all of humankind.

This Saturday at The Fillmore, "action man" Ron Newmyer has corralled a posse of musicians for a tribute show. Herding this many people together to perform on one night is a feat, but seeing our local talent  cover their favorite Bowie songs can bring a bit of the joy back- at least for one evening. Please break out your inner glam and support the DC scene at this event.

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