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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Follow the Milk

It's got to be a conspiracy, or a business plan along the lines of the Mother's Day card phenomenon. Nobody could drink that much milk, and yet whenever the "S" word is mentioned in this town, the dirth of dairy is almost immediate. When I went to the store at 0 dark thirty this morning, I was dang lucky there was still a half gallon of one percent that someone had over looked, deep inside the case and perched on the back of the roller rack.
Is there something about snow and milk that I've missed? Besides they're being the same color?
Or are cows a lot smarter than we think?
I wonder- could the dairyland people possibly be filling the forecasters pockets? (which would give a whole new meaning to the expression "cash cow") All I know is snow is coming; milk is gone. Thank goodness the same thing doesn't happen with bourbon.


  1. Snow Is BIG!
    From a teachet's point of view: I want a snow day BADLY so I can drink my Bourbon!!

  2. love the snow
    hate they hype
    fond of bourbon
    many types