Sunday, August 30, 2009

Slickee Boys Are Back in Town Just in Time

The old 9:30 Club used to advertise itself as "a place in time." Now it's a place that exists only in our minds. The long dark hall- the three seats by the back bar door- the tiny cubicle where Susan Mumford was usually posted to sell tickets. The front and back bars where Stewart Schmalbach could be counted on to hold down one end or the other. All gone. Only the facade of the Atlantic Building remains there now.

You can't go back to the old 9:30, but you can see The Slickee Boys again- alive and very much still kicking THIS FRIDAY night at THE BLACK CAT- another cool old DC bar with history.

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  1. I helped build the 9:30, kind of ... I built the original ladder (out of 2 x 4's) leading to up the DJ booth. We also installed the fire doors. It was the first thing I was paid for to create!