Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Evil Genius

For a minute there, he had me. I was out shoveling snow (again) when here comes this big cheerful man in a bright red coat walking down my street. He smiles and greets me and keeps going, but then he's back because he is actually looking for me. Yesterday I called Verizon to report my land line was down, and they gave me a date of February 18th before they could come fix it. I couldn't even compute that far into the future. When???
But wait, here's a field supervisor coming to tell me that I'm his priority customer.


I'm getting ready to show him the downed line when he tells me, since I am a priority, and because I have lost internet service (does he read my blog?) that they are going transfer me to a different grid so I can get service right away.


In fact they are "migrating" a lot of their customers today-moving them to the new technology. He's also here to save me money.

Ought oh.

Yes, as he is confidently telling me about the great deal I can get bundling TV, long distance and reliable internet, my spirits sink. He's not here to help; he's here to SELL. I tell him I don't want cable I don't need long distance, and I already have a phone!

Now he realizes he can't save me money, but he counters with how long it's going to be before a service truck will get here, and I'm thinking this is really, really smart of Verizon. Get 'em while they're down.

How about they teach you how to fix the lines? I say.

Hahaha. He laughs backing away. I watch him go down the street and knock on my neighbor's door. Another unsuspecting "priority customer." Another chance at migration.

Have a good day.


  1. Good one:)

    You are a priority customer. It's absolutely necessary that you keep your blog going. how else are we keeping entertained in these long days stuck at home?!?!? Keep those bolgs comin'

  2. I just got a call from Verizon letting me know that new fiber optics were coming to the neighborhood - uh, no thanks.