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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Get On the Rock Bus at The Quarry

Driving down Georgia Avenue, The Quarry House is a hard place to spot. For one thing it's located underground, and for another, last time I looked- it didn't even have a sign. So look for Bombay Gaylord's on the corner of Bonifant and Georgia to get a clue of where to go for Saturday night's show with Jumpin' Jupiter and Monsters fron the Surf.

Jumpin Jupiter is one of those bands you hope to find in a dive like the Quarry House- an energy driven rock band whose influences include:

"Beef brisket pie to delight the eye,
Hot sausage soup to make you cry."

I mean what's not to love?

And the absolute madness continues with Monsters from the Surf, often found on the Bohemian Party Vessel, this East Coast surf band comes roaring out of the garage to mix up a lot of fun.

This show is not recomended for the acoustic minded among you, but if you are ready to rock, no matter what age, then find your place in the universe here.

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