Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Friday Is Top Heavy

Today is Wednesday. Hump day- gotta get through to the other side day for the majority of working stiffs. For many musicians though, it's actually the weekend. A Sunday night kind of thing since a lot of bands start their weekends on Thursday. Here in Washington where the weather has been and continues to be partly sunny partly cloudy chance of thunderstorms for what seems like years now, it could be any day -same weather.

You could make things different. Go and see a live show. There are a lot of choices this week. Thursday night The Thrillbillys will command the Sunset Grille as usual.  Friday night  Baked and Wired in Georgetown is hosting an unplugged show with Peter Maybarduk.  Energetic types might want to go downtown to the Rock n Roll Hotel to catch The Great Unknowns who are doing  a benefit show for American veterans. And last but not least, you dancing animals should head over to Surf Club Live for a double header featuring The Grandsons and Curly Taylor and Zydeco Trouble. All of these shows are less than $20, but a little money goes a long way in the music world around here.

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