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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Virginia Is For The Lost

JVs is a tiny little joint stranded out there in Falls Church near Seven Corners, Virginia. Seven Corners, by the way, should be on the DC area's list of top ten traffic horrors. I also nominate the obvious - the Springfield Mixing bowl, but also- how about trying to merge onto and cross over I-395 from Maine Avenue to the D Street Exit? Scares me every time.

Why would DC Rocks send our readers to this godforsaken suburban outpost?  (Wait-would using godforsaken and suburban in one sentence be the same as a double negative?)

Here's three reasons:

Because the music you will stumble upon there is just that good.
Because they just don't MAKE places like JV's anymore,
and because what do you have to lose besides yourself in Virginia?

Okay 2 out of 3.

There are 2 shows worth checking out at JVs this weekend the first being guitar guru, Dan Hovey and Mary Ann Redmond on Friday night. On  Sunday starting at 5 look for an old fashioned country jamboree running all night and hosted by the legendary Hall Brothers (former proprietors of Chick Hall's Surf Club.) No telling who will show up, but guaranteed the music will be well worth the trip- on both nights.

Be sure to bring your GPS.

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