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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January's Not So Bad

In January it's so nice
while slipping on the sliding ice
to sip hot chicken soup with rice.
Sipping once, sipping twice
sipping chicken soup with rice.

That's the world according to Maurice Sendak, but here in DC our version might read something more like this:

In January it's bizarre
to still have collards in the yard
and not an inch of snow so far.
Collards once, collards twice
Go see music in a bar.

This Saturday The Vi-Kings will light up the Quarry House in deepest darkest underground Silver Spring where there is no weather to speak of. A bomb could go off while you are down there, and you wouldn't be the wiser what with the yacking of all the people; and you probably won't care once you see the extensive bourbon list. Oh, and then there's the crunching of deep fried pickles and/or tater tots. (This place is not for the feint of heart.) Throw on top of that a legend in its own time band which will kick drum you back to the 60s, and you've got a swinging night out.

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