Thursday, April 5, 2012

Breeding Lilacs Out of the Dead

Spring in Washington is a wonderful thing to behold. This year has been especially spectacular and bewildering-a virtual Venn diagram of flummoxed flora; tulips blooming with azaleas, daffodils overlapping roses and my collards just exploded. Cherry blossoms came and went faster than you could say tour bus while last year's old leaves continue to cling.

This weekend Passover begins, and Easter crops up on top of that, but for those seeking relief from ritual, two shows are flanking the egg hunts: King Soul is back* at Hill Country BBQ to save your souls on Saturday night, and our old favorite Prabir, with his new band Goldrush, will be at my favorite little escape from this world-The Galaxy Hut on Sunday night with local companion band The NRIs

King Soul = No Cover
Galaxy Hut charges its standard $5 shipping cost for all live shows.
Both a bargain!

*King Soul fans beware- if you've been meaning to go- this is their last gig at Hill Country until fall.

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