Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Heat Is On

It's getting deep, deep into summer here in DC now.  Time for the politicians to scamper home and run for office, and time for the real denizens of the District to get down to the dog days. Never mind that the ice sheets of  Greenland  are melting according to the crazy cats at NASA. Never mind that DC has had it's hottest summers two years running, and I'm not even counting 2012.

What matters is that we persevere in keeping cool even if it means creeping out of the AC cave we call home to go out and enjoy the end product of a blazing day: the sultry evening.
The Blackberry Belles have a show opening up for the Royal Bangs down at the The Red Palace this Friday. I can't describe their music, but some might say a thrashy, trashy meld of Sonics, Seeds, Doors and Black Keys- they sound like a rock band your parents wouldn't want you to listening to during the 60s which is why you should go.

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