Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School Night With Your Clothes On

Are you still having bad dreams of taking that math exam you didn't study for.... in your underwear?
People with children can have those dreams, and feel the shudder of going back to school. Long past are the days when you could shove a child out the door with an apple.  Now it's: Finish your summer reading! Where's the gym suit? You need what by Monday? Never mind back to school night which means showing up on time, cramming yourself into a student size desk and receiving a ream or two of paper to keep track of as well as instructions and deadlines, and don't forget to sign up for the bake sale, and... don't show up in your underwear.

But wait, we're adults now. We can make the rules and sign our own permission slips.

This FRIDAY unleash that inner child and report to The Vi-kings who recreate what fun was all about back when band members were toiling away just down the road at Walt Whitman High- and being in a band. It's back to school night without the school!

head down to the Velvet Lounge where DC's own Color School is in session with Round About and Wes Tucker and the Skillets. Three bands for $8 in a dive bar where you can play hooky all night long.

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