Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stop That Train

This weekend those of us who deal with Christmas will most likely be feeling that overwhelming sense  of a very large locomotive roaring into our brains. If you want to drown out that noise, there's plenty of excellent options going on in the local music scene. Speaking of the railroad, Last Train Home returns for their annual Christmas reunion which really has turned into a party at IOTA both Friday and Saturday nights. A DC Rocks' favorite 7 Door Sedan and Sister Ex will be down at DC9 on  Saturday with the Love Load. (that's 3 bands only $8)

Last but certainly not least, and also on Saturday, the one and only beloved Beatnik Flies are back after a two year hiatus. ( and DC ROCKS has missed them) Rocking, martini swilling prepsters The Yachtsmen will open. I'd mention the venue, but it doesn't have a sign, so I'm calling it the 8401 Club. I know you hip people out there can find it.

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