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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tiki Is A State of Mind in Maryland

August has got to be the quietest month in Washington. Everyone, but everyone is either clogging up downtown Bethany or scattered all over Maine, leaving behind only those of us that couldn't or didn't get it together enough to book a trip. Luckily there are plenty of close by tiki bars to make you feel like you've travelled afar yet most of them are an hour or less by car. A week or two ago my partner in crime and I managed to hit three in one week.  We started just across the Bay Bridge with Kentmorr. Here bands play to a beach full of happy island hoppers, and the bar is lodged right on the shore. Don't miss the freshly squeezed fruit drinks - impressive for this little out post.

Just across from Kent Island on the Narrows, you'll find my favorite marine dive: The Big Owl Tiki which is neither big nor owl like, but does provide just enough square footage to squeeze in a bar and a small band under roof while maintaining the giddy atmosphere of a floating party barge. It's as close as you can come to drinking on a boat without actually being on one.

On the Western side of the Bay, down Route 4 is Vera's White Sands. Sadly Vera herself has left only her ghost behind; the once notoriously kitschy atmosphere has turned all but sports bar. The saving grace here is a magnificent piece of property on a point on St Leonard Creek. Plus a beach side tiki bar with tables scattered right down to the water's edge. I can't recommend the Mai Tais here so stick with straight up cocktail or a beer, and enjoy the spectacular view.

A little further down the road, The Tiki Bar dominates the south end of Solomon's. This place also specializes in plenty of fresh air and is located just across from the water, but (unlike the Big Owl) it will close up in a down pour. All these places can be zooey on the weekend, but Sundays can be a little calmer for those of you looking to escape the throngs.

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