Monday, September 2, 2013

Welcome Home Mr Keene

Know this guy? DC native Tommy Keene once upon a time was in a kick ass band called The Razz before he went on to projects far away. Fortunately for us now and again, we get him back.  This time he will be playing at our old stomping grounds- the 9:30 Club. It'll be a home boys' show, Saturday, September 13 with Tommy Keene, The Deadman ( featuring Justin Jones) and Hero Jr.

From Mark Noone: (former Slickee Boy)  "I've seen Tommy in bands like The Rage since the late seventies; I've seen him doing his own thing, and last year he was at his best. Great show with a killer band."

A chance for two tickets courtesy of 9:30 Club and DC ROCKS are yours if you write me at with MR KEENE in the subject box. Send a Tommy Keene story or just beg...winner picked at random on September 7.


  1. In '86 just prior to the national tour behind "Songs From the Film" Tommy did a warm-up show at the old Roxy billed as The Ted Nicely Experience.

  2. Wasn"t I still in the band then???

  3. Tommy headlined a show at the old Wax Museum. He said they had to show up and play because they hadn't made a video yet.