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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Etch This

My first foray into the world of "mechanical" drawing was probably the Magic Slate- those "mystical writing pads" that could be scrawled on, and then the "ink" would disappear with just a flick of the top sheet. Free do- over. Wow. I was sold. I remember getting one around the age of five, but in my enthusiasm, I must've ground that little stylus too hard because the top sheet quickly developed a crease and later a couple of permanent lines showed up like angry welts. Not so magic after all.

Then came the Etch a Sketch which drove a lot of kids crazy because all we could manage to draw was a stick figure or a house.

If you worked all your life, you might get pretty good at it, but then some wisenheimer would come along and give it a shake, erasing the whole thing. Just picking it up could do permanent damage. Pretty annoying- especially if your house looks like this:

But then I found the doodle creator at Smudge's web site. I couldn't resist the thing-whatever it is. Within minutes, I had a masterpiece hanging out on their home page:

Move over Etch A Sketch...So long Mister Slate.

Smudge is a comics arts expo and  looks like an arts- explo-sion type happening this Saturday at the Artisphere from noon until 6 p.m. Expect presenters, exhibitors and hands on workshops. (In other words I'm thinking a bunch of crazy storytelling artists hanging out together. )

It's a free all ages event, one which might actually appeal to all ages- a rare thing in my book.

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